A Family Vacation from Hell

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by Uncle Karl (zaphoddent01@gmail.com)


A family meets a well prepared predator who is going to
change their lives. Drugged and forced to perform for
their new master, how will they get out this and who
will they be when it’s done? (Mdom/MFf, nc, rp, v, bi,
inc, 1st, drugs, bd, ws)


Author Note: Please do not remove the author information
nor make any changes to this story. All rights reserved.
Thank you for your consideration.



I was starting to get the itch anyway when my phone
rang. It was one my former scouts from my old life and
he would keep an eye out for fresh talent for me. I
still had a network of friends and former customers and
when I was in town we would get together and have some
fun and tell tall tales. He said they had booked rooms
for an entire week and sent me a photo along with their
room numbers.

I went to my normal room and pulled up the feeds that
would show me their rooms while I studied the picture.
He was your average height guy that blended into the
background; his wife looked to be mid-thirties with dark
hair that was in a short pixie cut. She was around 5’6″
with a lean sexy body, pert tits and her ass was to die
for and I knew the boys were going to enjoy this
conquest. What made it irresistible was the daughter, a
carbon copy of the mom just a little shorter and looked
to be about 13 with no idea how her life was about to

I was lucky and caught sight of them getting an early
breakfast so they could get out and about and spent the
day watching them at a distance. It was a warm sunny day
and they both were wearing light sun dresses and they
spent the day poking about and doing the tourist thing.
Once they got back the wife stayed in the room while the
daughter went down to the pool but the husband gave me
my opening as he went to the bar.

I took a seat at the bar and greeted my friend who was
the bartender and when hubby ordered a second drink I
nodded to the bar tender who added a little more to his
drink. The drugs would make him suggestible but not to
incoherent that it would be obvious. I had a nice
collection of drugs at my disposal that covered a broad
range from recreational to illegal to achieve what I
wanted to do. I went over and said hi after 20 minutes
had gone by and sat down and we chatted about little
things and I pumped him for information.

His wife’s name was Carol and the captivating daughter
was Sara and they were making it mini vacation and
happily didn’t have anyone in town that was going to
miss them. His eyes were starting to get the glazed look
that signals it’s time for the next step. I get him to
text his wife and have her join us for happy hour and
she joins us saying Sara was going to take a nap until
it was time for dinner.

She ordered a margarita, which really covered the taste
of the mickey and after an hour I herded them back to
their rooms quietly so as not disturb Sara in the next
room. By now hubby was wearing a perm-a-grin and
followed directions without much question and Carol was
in the same shape as I bound their hands and feet. This
brought on a frown from Carol but I whispered into her
ear that it was a game and she would love it but she
still resisted a tiny bit when I gagged her and drugged
them both.

Now that they were out of the way I quietly opened the
door into the next room and snuck in with a hypo in hand
to see Sara sprawled out on the bed soundly asleep still
wearing her one piece suit. She stirred a little when I
dosed her but didn’t wake and now I took my time set
everything up as grabbed what little amount of clothes
that they would need for the next week.

We made sure the way was clear and one by one we quickly
carried them into the bowls of the hotel. We had
converted three sizable storage rooms for our fun and
games and set up the cameras that the rest of the crowd
would know nothing of as well.

We had stripped the hubby down and put cock ring on him
tightly. Cuffed his hands and feet with leather cuffs
joined by short chain as well as dog collar and placed
him ass up facing his wife and daughter. Carol was had
the same cuffs on but we left he clothes on for later
and I got ready to rouse them.


The lights were low when they woke up and found that
their leashes didn’t give them a lot of room to move. As
they started moaning around their gags I raised the
lights watching them blink their eyes at first then that
look of fear and panic as they search out each other’s
eyes for comfort. Then they see Sara still out, in her
sun dress lying on the bed and become very agitated,
straining against their bonds looking at me with fear
and pleading in their eyes.

I walked over to Carol naked and stand with my half
erect cock, inches away from her face, (now dripping
with tears) and put my hand on her head while showing
the both of them the stun gun. He is close to his wife
but unable to touch her as she thrashes in fear, tears’
spilling down both their cheeks as it is important for
them not to be able to comfort each other for what is
coming next.

“Don’t worry about screaming as no one can hear you in
this place” I tell them. It was pretty much true as to
get down here wasn’t easy without access or escort. I
set of the stun gun so they can see the spark arch and
hear the crack while I advise them that they are my
playthings now. Their faces are white with fear as I
press it into his flesh making him jerk and twitch in
pain until he is left limp breath ragged.

Eyes wide in terror and shaking like a leaf as I lean
down and tell them both that compliance is rewarded but
any failure to follow orders will result in punishment
and they nod in understanding and I remove their gags
after telling them not to speak.

Without warning I jab her with the stun gun and make her
scream in agony and I don’t let up for 15 seconds
leaving her limp and whimpering. “Am I going to get any
resistance from either of you?” I snarl at them getting
a quick nod from the both of them as my friend comes in;
a well-built Latino, sporting an oiled up 7-inch dick
already erect and rubs his head up and down hubby ass

Carol is quietly pleading for us to stop and why are we
doing this as he steadies himself and in one hard thrust
buries himself to his balls in his ass making the hubby
howl as I grab the back of his head and give him a hard
backhand and tell him no teeth. He bounces between us as
we get into a rhythm and he quits crying as much just
grunting and the sound him gagging on dick until my
buddy stiffens and fills his ass with cum.

“First time you’ve been fucked?” I ask him and he nods
as I wipe my dick off on his face. “Want to see a
trick?” I ask, laughing as I walk over to shelf and pick
up a clear glass pipe and load it with layer of chronic
and drop some rock in as well. “We’re going to have an
experiment as my friends and I’m willing to bet you
don’t think I can turn your wife into a whore in a
week?” laughing as I cross back to Carol who now moaning
in fear staring at the pipe in my hand.

“Oh God no!” he screams earning him a kick to the head
as I place the pipe in her mouth and tell her to take a
big hit and hold it in but she doesn’t inhale when I
fire the bowl.

I hit her hard enough to rock her head back violently
and snarl, “Want me to fuck your little girl, cunt!”
They both start begging me not to. She offers to behave
if I leave Sara alone and I hand her the pipe to spark
the bowl and she takes a deep hit and I clamp down on
her nose and mouth so she can’t exhale.

She trashes and struggles to exhale and I hold her right
to the point of passing out and then have her do it
again until the bowl is cashed and then I shove my dick
into her wet mouth and start fucking her face. A few of
my friends come in and I take her pussy as her mouth is
filled quickly without any resistance while others start
spearing hubby again.

After the fourth guy is done cumming in her I slop her
juices (which flowing freely as she is riding the high)
on her tight asshole and fuck her creamy pussy a few
times then line up and bury my dick all the way up her
ass. She shudders and groans but keeps sucking on the
cock in her mouth until his cock starts pulsing with a
large load of cum, trickling out of the corner of her

“I think she likes it!” we howl as she has had a couple
of orgasms and now has all of holes filled with horny
guys; “She won’t want to quit at the end of the week,
and will beg me to stay,” I taunt.

I load another bowl for her and this time she somewhat
dazed accepts and lights up. We fix them both a couple
of strong mixed drinks while the action slows down a
bit. He is now getting slowed fucked by a large-dicked
guy and his face is covered with cum as I ask him if he
is going to give us any trouble. He shakes his head yes
and begs me to not drug his wife because if we promise
not hurt them and let them go they would do what we

The room is warm from all the bodies and activity and
reeks of sex, smoke and unsurprisingly fear; Carol is
flying high and starting to enjoy the attention she is
receiving. We unchain them but leave the cuffs on and
she now starts switching between the three cocks in
front her while she is being fucked from behind with
glazed look on her cum covered face still gagging every
now and then but deep-throating with more ease.

Sara is still unconscious as I undress her admiring the
sleeping girl, her nearly bald pussy and dark puffy
nipples on her developing chest. I just can’t wait and
kneel in between her legs and let my tongue explore her
and revel in her taste. Hubby is stood up and is led out
of the room and I pick up Sara’s sleeping form and leave
the room.

Carol just stops sucking cock shortly and looks at us
with a glance at but without a word goes back to the
hard cock at hand. Outside there are already guys
showing up for what is going to be long night for my new
playthings. While there will not be a lot of mercy shown
to them tonight I’m still a good master as all attendees
have been tested and are clean.

To be continued?

Would you like to hear how their week went?

Author’s Note: This is my very first story. What happens
in the story is still sort of up in the air but I know
already how I want to conclude it. If you want to see
anything in particular happen, or have story ideas that
you wish to see me write, send an email to:

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