A Letter to Master Robin – Part 1

by Virgin (virgin_5557@yahoo.com)


A letter to Master Robin from his beloved new servant
about a surprise training he had set up for her while
he was out of town. Being new to her task she has not
yet seen her masters member, and had to be prepared to
take on his large cock. (MF, nc, d/s, bd)


Good Morning Sir,

I hope you�re your day is off to a good start and that
you have been provided what ever you needed to bring
you pleasure. It saddens me that I am not there to do
my job, which is to serve and please you.

This morning there was a knock on the door and when I
opened it there stood a man who said you had sent him.
Forgive me because I did not believe him. When I
questioned him he grabbed my by my arm, pushed me
inside and closed the door behind him. He grabbed my
face and when he told me he was there because I was
your nasty bitch I knew you had sent him. He reminded
me that I belonged to you and was yours to do with as
you wished, and that this was your wish.

He locked the door, grabbed my arm dragging me into the
living room. After pushing me onto the couch he closed
the drapes and turn on the music loud. He looked so
evil when he looked at me and said that was too drowned
out my screams. What could you have to told him to do
that would make me scream?

I asked what he wanted, why he was there, what was I to
do. That evil look came over his face again. He said I
was to do as I was told and that was all I needed to
know. He pulled me to my feet and began to tear my
cloths off. As he did he never said a word, just
squeezed and pinched me as he went. As he finished he
reached down and pinched my clit. I jumped back and
yelled because it hurt. Based on the smile on his face
you must have told him that was not allowed.

He turned me around and tied my hands behind my back.
Without saying a word he spread my legs and attacked a
bar to my ankle. He lowered me to the floor and
attached the bar to my other ankle. He walked over to
the a bag he carried in and he began to explain to me
why he was there.

As I lay there face down he pulls things from his
bag�..”I�m here” he started “sent to prepare you.” He
ran his fingers across my pussy�.”nice, its wet just
like he said it would be. It will help that you�re wet
while I prepare you.” Again he starts looking thru his

“Here we are, a nice large bottle of oil to keep you
well lubed.”

I could hear the sounds of him applying the oil to
something but I did not know what. Soon I could feel
the coolness of the oils as he pours in on my ass.
Slowly he spreads the oil around working it deep into
my pussy with his fingers. Without a word his fingers
moved to my ass and he began to fuck my ass with two
fingers… then three. I knew I should not make a
sound, but it felt so good it was hard not to.

“My task here is simple.”

I could hear a grin in his voice as he talked. “Its my
job to make sure your pussy and ass are ready to take
that big cock of Robins… and that�s going to take a
while based on how tight that ass of yours is.” I could
hear him laugh as he reached for something, still I
could not see what he had.

My legs were spread so far that my ass and pussy were
exposed to him at all times. Soon I could feel a
coolness running across my lower back, the coolness of
rubber. With no warning he began to push something deep
in my ass.

“There won�t be any taking it slow this time, to be
able to take that massive cock you have to be able to
take this dildo in your ass like it belongs there�. and
it does belong there” he laughed. “What a nice fit

Catching me off guard I let out a yell. “That�s not
allowed,” he snapped. “Do it again and you�ll have to
be punished.”

I could tell he wanted me to yell; he wanted to be able
to punish me. I could tell by the way he yanked the
dildo out of me, then slammed it right back in. Again I
let out a yell. I swear you could hear his voice smile
at times.

“I told you that�s not allowed, this little thing
doesn�t hurt�at least not as much as my cock is going
to.” He lifted me up off the floor and pulled my ass
toward him. I could feel him line the head of his cock
with my ass a split second before he rammed it deep
inside of me.

I understood then why the music was turned up. I let
out a scream and tied to get away. He grabbed my hips
with both hands and began fucking my ass as hard as he

“That�s right bitch, can you feel it loosen you up, can
you feel my cock spreading your ass. Now relax because
it�s going to be a long, long ride.” His strokes picked
up speed as I tried to relax and take it all in. “Oh
ya, that�s it bitch, give it up to me�give me that ass
of yours�you know if you don�t let me have it I�ll just
take it.”

The more I tried to relax the faster he pumped. “God
Yes” he yelled, “This ass was made for fucking” With
deep thrusts he came deep in my ass. I could feel the
warmth deep inside from his hot load.

“That�s one nice ass,” he said as he pulled out of me,
“I like this job. And…” he said with a slap on my ass
“we�ve only just begun.”

As he walked away I asked if he was going to release
me, “No” was all he said as he left the room.

About 30 minutes later he returned sporting a very
large hard on. Without saying a work once again he
slammed his cock deep inside. I remembered the goal was
for me to take his cock �as if it belonged there��.This
time there was no oil, No time to relax or adjust to
anything let alone a large black cock. With out saying
a word he went about his task of stretching out my
ass�.using it for his own pleasure and enjoying every
second of it.

“Okay bitch” he snapped�its time to remind you of your
role. “Stay on your knees unless I tell you other
wise.” He returned and shoved a large butt plug inside
of me. But this was not your normal plug. This one had
something hanging from it�it was a dogs tail that he
had buried in my ass.

“This is to remind you that you are a bitch. You�ll
wear this until I tell you it can be removed. You will
wear a collar and be lead around on a leash just like
the bitch that you are. And soon we will begin to work
on expanding your sweet wet pussy for Robins use. Of
course he has instructed me not to over do it, He wants
to feel you pussy stretching over his large cock. He
wants to see your face as he impales you onto his

He pointed in the corner where I could see a dog bed
“That�s where you will sleep. That�s where you will
remain unless told otherwise.” He sharply smacked my
ass and told me to go lay down until I was needed to
please him. I did as I was told.

I think you would have been proud of me sir. I did my
best to follow his directions to please you. I hope
that you find that my ass has been nicely prepared for
your use and that my pussy is stretched just enough
that you can feel every inch of it as you push inside
of me.

I hope your friend speaks well of out training time
together. I�ve done my best.

I wait to hear from you sir, to hear if I have pleased
you or if I have disappointed you and must be punished.

Forever your nasty bitch

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