A Letter to Master Robin – Part Two

by Virgin (virgin_5557@yahoo.com)


A letter to Master Robin from his beloved new servant
about a surprise training he had set up for her while
he was out of town. Being new to her task she has not
yet seen her master’s member, and had to be prepared to
take on his large cock. (MMF, oral, beast, bd)



As your new servant I am honored that you have found me
worthy to be trained to serve you. Whatever you desire,
I desire. I will give myself to your trainer so that I
will be pure pleasure for you upon your return.

After being allowed to sleep in the corner last night I
was given a bowl of food and directed to �eat up� so I
would have the energy to make it through the second
stage of my training last night. As directed I did not
use my hands, only being allowed to lick and nibble at
what was in the bowl that I could reach with my mouth.
I�m afraid that I ended up making a mess because I was
so hungry. When the trainer returned he was most
unhappy with me.

“You can�t work on your training a mess like that,” he
yelled at me. Grabbing my lead he pulled me outside to
be cleaned off.

As he retrieved the hose I remained where he left me
looking around to see if there was anyone near that
could see. Trainer returned with the hose running full
blast. “Come here you bitch, If I have to clean you up
I might has well make sure your totally clean for
tonight�s training.”

He began to spray me down with the cold water. As the
water hit my face the cold water made me shiver. As
trainer finished my face he ordered me to turn around.
“Over here bitch, turn away from me so I can make sure
your pussy and ass are clean for tonight. I have a
surprise for you tonight.”

Trainer took the end of the hose and inserted it into
my pussy. It made me tremble, part from the cold, part
from the pleasure it created as the cold water washed
through me. “I see you enjoy this,” trainer snipped.
“Good, by the end of the night you will have learned to
enjoy a number of things.”

When my bath was complete trainer took me to a sunny
spot and tied my lead to a tree. “You’re going to wait
here until you’re dry, and if I recall,” his voice
tapered off as he reached between my legs. “Yep, it’s
going to take a while for that pussy to dry off. Never
have I met a bitch who got as wet as you do” Again with
a slap on my ass as he leaves me.

As I sit there shivering from the cold I remind myself
that I am there because I want to be, because I want to
make you happy. My pussy starts to twitch as the cool
breeze starts to blow. It was not long before I heard a
car pull up. I could not help but wonder who could be
there, but prayed that it would be you. I heard one
door open and the sounds to two men happy to see each
other. The door slammed closed followed by the sound of
another door opening and closing.

I found a nice sunny spot to lie down and warm myself.
The sun felt good on my naked body. Just as I started
to relax and enjoy the sun the door opened. “BITCH!
BITCH, get over here.” Trainer stood at the door
waiting for me. I went to him as quickly as I could and
knelt before him.

“You’re learning fast bitch, your master will be
pleased when he returns tomorrow.” He grabbed my lead
guiding me toward the living room. Again the music was
loud. Trainer must have seen a look of concern on my
face. He laughed when he looked at me, “Yes Bitch, the
music is loud isn�t it�you know why too. It won�t be
long before you’re screaming again but weather it�s
from pleasure or pain is up to you.”

Just outside the living room he stopped and turned to
me. Running his hands over my breast he stopped to
pinch my nipples. “We have company bitch, when you
enter the room you are to go to our guest and knee
before him.” His hands ran down to my pussy and he
roughly started to fuck me with his fingers. “Your
pussy is to remain wet and ready for our use.”

His finger drove deeper as hard as he could. “Tonight
we will continue working on you doing as you’re told.
If you fail to please us you will be punished. It is
your job to make sure you please your master at any
time and in whatever way he chooses. Again we will work
on stretching your pussy and ass so your master�s cock
will fit inside you. Your master has a very large cock
and it upsets him when he wants a pussy and he has to
work to get it in. Do you understand?”

He stood there looking deep inside of me. “Yes,
Trainer,” I said softly. “I understand.”

“Good!” he snapped. “Now get in there and kneel before
our guest.”

Trainer pointed toward the door signaling for me to
enter. I took one step inside the room and scanned the
area quickly to find our guest. On the other side of
the room sat a very large black man. As I walked toward
him I noticed how firm his body was.

Sitting, it was hard to tell, but he seems to be over 6
and � feet tall. As I approached him he tossed a pillow
on the floor and pointed to it as a signal for me to
knee there. I slowly knelt on the pillow that was
before him. As I lowered my head I could not help but
notice how large his legs were�. how firm and muscular
they appeared through his clothes.

“Oh,” the strange said with a smile. “This is a very
nice bitch indeed. It will be with great pleasure that
I help you stretch her ass and pussy. It�s going to be
a very nice evening, yes it is.” He slowly and tenderly
ran his hands over my skin inspecting me.

“Bitch,” he snapped abruptly “Turn around and kneel.
Put your arms and chest on the floor so that your ass
is available to me.”

I quickly turned around but must have moved to slow as
I bent over because the stranger quickly pushed me down
into position. “There�s the sweet ass I want” he seemed
to say to himself.

He and trainer started to talk between themselves. Both
men got up and made themselves a drink while I remained
knelt on the floor. “Is there anything I need to know?”
the stranger asked my trainer. “Any rules, any
requests?” The men acted like I was not there.

“Well,” trainer started slowly. “Her master needs her
trained to accept his large cock, Broke in so to speak.
His cock is very large and thick and he does not want
to deal with getting some bitch use to it, when he
returns he wants to be able to take her in what ever
way he chooses. He does not want to hear any screams
like he has in the past because it�s painful when he
fucks them. So it�s our job to break in that tight
pussy and ass, stretching them out for him. She also
has to be taught not to scream unless they are from

Each man made themselves another drink and returned to
the living room with a duffle bag. They talked as if I
was not there and when they did speak of me it was like
I was an object, just a job. The stranger sat behind me
again. I could hear him open up the duffle bag. As he
and my trainer talked about the latest football game I
could hear him removing things from the bag.

Still talking about the game I felt his hand on the
small of my back and pressure at my ass as he removed
my tail and started to insert something. He pushed it
in with no real warning. I could hear him pick up
something and the sound of air like he was pumping up
something�. soon I found out that he was as whatever he
had put in my ass began to expand.

“Dude,” trainer said. “What is that thing?” Then a
strange kind of laughed, “This little toy will do a few
things for us. First it will get her ass use to having
something in it. then as I squeeze this bulb the plug
is expanding in her ass�that helps it remain in place
and stretches her ass at the same time. And this.”

I could feel him move something, “This is just a tail
to remind her of her place and that she�s just a

Both men snickered as the stranger kept pumping air
into the plug. I could feel it filling my ass and it
was not long before it was uncomfortable. It was not
long before the discomfort was starting to turn to

As the pressure inside of me built up I must have
moaned, I know I moved. “I think she�s full” the
stranger laughed. “Okay bitch, let�s see you make that
tail of yours wag�come on bitch wag your tail.” He

I started to wiggle my ass not knowing what to do.
“That�s it, wag your tail for us. Yours such a good
bitch, now crawl across the room and back, I want to
make sure it�s going to stay in place.”

As I started to move it hurt some, the further I
crawled the more the pain lessened turning to
discomfort. By the time I started to return to him the
discomfort was going away�. and the closer I got to him
the faster the discomfort was turning into a very
pleasurable feeling.

“Look dude,” trainer laughed. “She likes that. Her
master is going to be very pleased with her I think.
Not only can she take it, she likes it.” Both men
laughed. Still laughing the strange added, “We�ll see
what other things she likes before the night is gone.
We�ll find out at what point her pain turns to pleasure
and her pleasure turns to pain”

Raising the stranger stretched and made another drink.
“I think its time to get comfortable,” he said as he
started to remove his shirt.

I watched his every move as he removed his clothes. His
body was pure muscle and moisture made his dark skin
glisten. I could not help but wonder what surprise he
held within his pants and it would not be long before I
found out. As he unzipped his pants his hard cock
presented its self. He grinned at me as he dropped his
pants knowing I was watching his every move. His cock
was impressive to say the least. It was long and thick.

My trainer was still seated and dressed as he watched
my reactions. “Your master’s cock is about that
long�.but much thicker.” Trainer explained. “That�s why
you�re being prepared for him. Your master does not
want to break in your pussy, he wants to be able to
enjoy it from the first time he fucks it.”

The stranger walked toward me, his cock was hard and
its head moist. I could not help but wonder how it
tasted�if it was as sweet tasting as it looked. I did
not want my eagerness to take him in my mouth to show,
if it did then I may not be allowed to taste and suck
it. After all the training was not about my pleasure,
but that did not mean I could not enjoy it.

“Time to see what you can do with those sweet lips of
your.” He raised my head and started to guide his cock
toward my mouth.

I watched its head coming closer I wanted it so much. I
slowly opened my mouth as if I was reluctant to taste
it. As my mouth opened, my eyes closed. When the head
started to pass my lips I started to softly suck it
deeper in my mouth. As I tasted its sweetness it became
harder to hide my willingness and I could not help but
to suck it harder and deeper into my mouth.

“Oh those are sweet lips, look how much she likes it,”
he moaned. He was enjoying it too much now to make me
stop. “Her master is going to be pleased with her
ability to suck cock. Look,” he moaned, “Look at how
much of it she can take in her mouth.”

He could not hide his pleasure and it was not long
before he grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth.
“God, I don�t think I have ever felt such a wonderful
mouth,” he grunted as he started to cum in my mouth. I
sucked him as deep into my mouth as I could, not
wanting to miss one drop of his sweet cum.

I looked toward my trainer looking for approval. He
grinned and nodded his head. “Your master is going to
be very please to find out that you can�t only handle
sucking a big cock, but that you like it as well. Go
lay in your bed while we talk.” I did as I was told and
returned to my bed but made sure to crawl slowly so
they could watch my tail swing.

I lay in my bed enjoying the feeling of my tail and
practiced moving it around. As I used different muscles
the tail would move different ways. The two men have
moved to the dinning room table and are enjoying
another drink. They keep looking over at me, I can tell
they are talking about me and sometimes catch a few of
their words.

“This one isn�t like others I�ve trained,” started the
trainer. “She learns fast and as you saw she likes her
job too. In a way it takes away some of the enjoyment
of training.” He laughed. “I enjoy it when they squirm
and try to get away and I get to take them. Robin will
return at noon tomorrow, that gives us 22 hours still
to work on her training, but where do we go from here?
It�s too much time to just work on stretching her out,
besides I don�t think it will be a problem. Any ideas?”

After a long period of silence the stranger spoke up.
“Ya, I think I do have an idea. Robin only paid for the
basic services, but that does not mean we can�t give
him more does it? I�m thinking of adding some of my
services�of course what you do is up to you. If you
want to see her squirm and try to get away then I think
we need jump to a higher level of training�of course
this will be one hell of a perk for Robin. She�ll be
broke in for most anything he would ever want. I�m
going to move to level 4 training.”

He started to laugh, “You want to see her squirm,
she�ll squirm. You can sit back and watch or you can
join in, that�s up to you. Me, well right now I have
some things to bring in.” I can hear him laughing as he
goes out the back door.

“BITCH! GET OVER HERE!” trainer yelled in an angry
voice, but why was he mad. “You�ve insulted our guest
by being to willing. You have gotten to much pleasure
from his work�Stand up and lean over the table.”

I did as I was told as fast as I could, trainer pushed
my head down onto the table. “Spread your legs right
now, the only thing left for me to do is to make sure
you remain stretched out.”

I could feel the tip of his cock at my pussy’s opening.
He began to rub the head on my slit. “You’re too wet,”
he snapped as he slapped his hand across my ass. I
jumped with a start when his hand made my skin sting.
“That�s what I want to see. I want to see you jump,” he
stopped and pushed his cock deep in my pussy with one

“Oh yes,” he moaned. As he started sliding his cock in
and out, “I�m going to make sure you do a lot of
jumping tonight.” He grabbed my hips and started
pumping me. “You’re not going to forget tonight, that I
can promise�our friend will be taking you to a higher
level of training and I will enjoy watching him make
you fulfill his every wish.” He started to pick up the
pace as he pounded my pussy. In silence he continued to
enjoy my pussy until his guest returned.

“That�s right,” a voice came from behind us. “Enjoy
that pussy while you can. Before the night is over it
will have been fucked so much.” The stranger grabs my
hair and looks into my eyes. “That pussy is going to
get fucked so hard and so often that your master will
demand to know why your pussy is so lose.” He releases
my hair as trainer continues his thrusting. “Do you
have everything you need” trainer asks him. Laughing
still the stranger barks. “I have everything SHE needs
and then some.” Trainer must have liked that because he
started to pump harder and deeper and released his cum
deep inside of me.

“Shall I send this useless Bitch back to her corner or
do you have a use for her while you set up?”

“Keep her right there,” the stranger replied in a flat
tone. “I�ll give you a few things to get her ready.
Here, put this on her right now I want her to be
wondering at all times what will happen next.”

Before I can move trainer places a blindfold over my
eyes. A tingle runs down my spine now that I can�t see

“Here, put this on her next.” Trainer then pulls my
hands behind my back and kicks my legs a part. I can
feel the cool leather as he binds my hands together. I
must have raised my head too much, because trainer
pushed me back down in silence.

“Hey do you want this tail left in her?” Trainer asked.

“No,” the stranger starts. “Push that button on the
side and let the air out, that ass is going to get a
workout soon enough.”

Trainer did as the stranger said but once it was
deflated trainer did not remove it… he took his time
slowly fucking my ass with it.

I must have moaned without knowing it. “I don�t want to
hear anything from her,” the stranger snapped. “Here,
put this gag on her. I don�t want her noises
distracting me from my work,” he laughed. “Take her to
her bed while we finish setting up.” Trainer pulled the
tail from my ass and grabbed my arm. He took me to my
bed and had me lay down there. “Stay right here until
we tell you otherwise,” he snapped.

As I lay in my bed I strained to hear what they were
doing. At times there were heavy thumps like they were
moving furniture or the clanging of metal, maybe
chains, I was not sure. Last there was a strange sound,
one I had never heard before. I could hear my trainer
laugh. “You weren�t kidding when you said you were
going to jump her to some advance training. I�ve never
taking part in this type before, but I�m really looking
forward to it I can tell you that.” Soon I could hear
another strange sound. I could not figure out what it
was but it was a sound I had heard before.

It wasn�t long before both men came over where I laid;
each took an arm and pulled me to my feet. Trainer
whispered, “Time to start my dear, and we�ll see if you
like this part of your training as much as the last

Both men started to laugh. I was not taken far. “Kneel
right here” snapped the stranger, his voice now
serious. As I kneel I can feel a soft pillow placed
under my knees. “Now, bend down and put your head on
the floor, keep that nice ass up where is belongs.” The
stranger continued.

Once I was positioned the men seemed to go sit down.
They did not speak, but I could hear the faint sound of
chains�. almost a jingling. Surely Santa wasn�t here to
see if I�d been a good girl. As I started to adjust to
my position I could hear that jingle again, but I could
not tell where it was coming from. Was it on my left,
no, my right.

I slowly turned my head toward the sound. The sound
started to get louder, it was on my right�. no, now my
left. As the sound got louder I realized that the sound
was moving almost pacing from side to side. Soon I
could feel a very hot breath on my side, then suddenly
at my neck�. the breathing got heavier and before long
I could hear the sound of panting, NO! I though. It
can�t be.

The stranger brought a dog. I strained to hear
anything, turning my head side to side as he moved
around. The more I moved the more he seemed to move,
sniffing different parts of my body. It was not long
before he had his nose pushing at my wet pussy followed
by his tongue slowly licking at my wetness.

If felt good, yet I was scared. As I started to enjoy
the feeling of his hot breath and strong tongue he
stopped. It was not long before I felt his paws on my
back, NO! I tried to yell raising up on my knees. The
words would not come out past the gag but I tried to
yell again�NO�shaking my head back and forth. I could
hear the man break up in laughter.

“Down” the stranger ordered the dog. “I see we need to
make a few adjustments here.” I remained on my knees. I
could hear the dogs breathing off to my side, and the
sound of someone moving something not far from me. I
head a thud of something heavy being placed down in
front of me then a hand placed on the back of my head
pushing me back into position.

I could feel what seemed to be a soft pillow under my
head, the hand held my head in place as I heard
something, a creaking sound. The sound continued until
I could feel something on my neck, then I heard a
click. I tried to move but could not raise my head.
Some how they had managed to lock my head down so I
could not move.

“Now my dear lets try this again. Let’s see if we can
get Mammoth interested again,” the stranger quietly
said. I could feel him move behind me. “First let’s get
your pussy nice and wet, get the juices flowing so he
can smell that there is a bitch in heat here.”

He pushed my legs apart and plunged his big cock deep
inside me. Grabbing my hips he started grinding in a
circular motion, then thrusting slowly, almost
withdrawing each time. It was not long before I could
feel Mammoths heavy breathing on my skin again. “That�s
my boy, you ready for your bitch?”

I could feel the dog�s movements on the floor like he
was a pup that wanted to play. “That�s my boy, come
here” the strange continued as he pulled out of me. It
was not long before I could feel that hot tongue
lapping at me again. That felt wonderful but I feared
that he would want more. “Mount!” I heard the stranger

Mammoth again jumped up on my back. I could tell he was
a large dog by the weight against me. I tried to
struggle but there was little I could do, my screams
were muffled. I could feel when Mammoth started
humping, missing with each thrust. It was not long
before I could feel someone�s hand reach between my
legs as Mammoths hot cock was guide inside of me.

I tried to scream has he started to thrust faster then
any man could. I could feel his cock swelling inside of
me. I could feel his hot cum filling me up. Each thrust
he seemed to swell more stretching my pussy further and
further. My screams ignored. Suddenly I felt a hard
push and his movement stopped. “I want his knot to
swell up inside of her.” I could hear explain to my
trainer. “If it doesn�t tear her up, she�ll love it,”
He laughed.

Quickly I could feel something inside of me getting
larger and larger. I didn�t think it was ever going to
stop growing. For a bit there was pain, and then the
pressure inside of me seemed to touch every magical
spot in me. My breathing was more of a panting, just
like a bitch in heat. The waves of pleasure got
stronger and stronger; soon my body was quivering with
the most wonderful orgasm I had ever felt.

After what seemed to be forever, Mammoth’s cock started
to shrink and he pulled out of me. I was so weak, so
happy… so sore. My head was spinning faster and
faster then everything went black.

Later I woke in my bed. The blind fold; gag and
restraints had been removed. Someone had covered me
with a blanket. My body ached with pleasure! When I
tried to stand my legs were weak, my pussy was sore
with dog cum dripping from it. In the other room
trainer watched me as I walked toward him slowly. A
large smile came to his face as he started to speak.
“We are going to take a bit of a break. I think you
have earned it. Go to your room shower and rest. Robin
will be returning tomorrow.

Master when I woke my first thoughts were of you. I
could still feel the tenderness between my legs from
Mammoths primal pounding, but closed my eyes and
thought about how it will feel when it’s you that
climbs between my legs. I could see your sweet face
that I long to kiss. I cannot wait for your return and
I hope that at that time you see that I am worthy to be
taken by you.

After my nap I prepared myself for your return. A warm
bath helped ease my aches. The smell of the sweet
powder filled the room. My mind full of a million
thoughts of your return, I hope you are pleased and
that I am able to please you.

Your loving slave.

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