It All Started with a Chocolate Biscuit

by Lion24655 (


Christine caught me eating a chocolate biscuit when I
was on a diet and grassed me to my wife! I told her she
should be spanked and she agreed. We both loved it.
(MF, reluc, oral, bd, spanking)


I had been found out. Not only had she found me doing
it, she had told my wife. And my wife Judy had
challenged me about it. I was in real trouble.

Two days earlier our friend Christine had walked in and
found me eating a bar of chocolate. I was on a diet.
“Caught you,” she says. Of course I ask her not to say
anything, but women friends can�t help chatting.

We had known Christine for a couple of years – slim in
her mid-forties, divorced, attractive in a reserved
way. Friendly, but quiet and not fully over Nick, who
had simply walked out for another woman. Christine had
lost her confidence and was still not ready for dating.
We were good friends – she and Judy got on fine, and I
found her pleasant to get on with as “the best friend�s
husband.” Most days Judy and Christine would share a
coffee or shop together.

But now it was Saturday – Judy had gone, on the off
chance, to visit her mother which would take her two or
three hours, when Christine walked in.

“Hi,” she said, “Judy around?”

“Sorry – gone to her mother�s, won�t be back till

“Not to worry” said Christine, “I�ll see her tomorrow,
leave you to it.”

I suddenly remembered her catching me eating the
chocolate biscuit, and remembered her telling Judy.

“Oh, before you go…” I said it as she headed for the


I adopted a mock severe tone. “I want to ask you about
something.” Christine turned. “You got me in trouble
the other day.”

“Sorry…” Christine looked bemused.

“Fancy telling my wife you caught me eating a chocolate

Christine smirked. “Serves you right,” I help up my
hand to stop her.

“If you were a child,” I said to her, “I would put you
across my lap and give you a good spanking for doing

Suddenly thought I shouldn�t have said that – we were
only friends and that could put a tension in the
relationship. “Sorry, I shouldn�t have said that” I
quickly got out.

But Christine stood there with a shocked embarrassed
look, but with a smile on her face. Suddenly I realised
everything was about to change. I had never thought of
her as more than a friend, but suddenly as she stood
there in her short skirt and T-shirt, I thought: that
is really what I would like – to get her over my lap.
And was suddenly aware by her demeanour that that is
what she would like as well. The silence seemed to last
for ages as both our minds and imaginations whirled. It
was me who broke the ice.

I looked at her in mock sternness “So you had better
come through to the sitting room and prepare yourself
over my lap.”

I walked through to the sitting room, wondering if she
would follow, and sat in the middle of the settee. I
waited for what seemed eternity – perhaps 30 seconds,
before Christine appeared, and sheepishly, looking down
at the floor, walked over, scrambled onto the settee
and lay over my lap. It felt wonderful to have her
there, but I was a bit bemused as to what I should do
next, then thought – I am will go as far as she will
let me.

I reached for the hem of Christine�s skirt and lifted
in above her waist to reveal her panty-clad bottom. All
this time it had been “hidden” under her clothes – it
was beautiful, and I ran my hand over her ass softly.

After a couple of minutes I said quietly “lift
yourself, please.” I felt Christine move, allowing me
to pull her panties to her knees. Christine allowed
them to fall to the floor, kicking them clear of her

Again I whispered “I think you deserve three, when I am
ready. Spread your legs wide.” Amazingly Christine did
without question, and from where I was I could see her
pussy and her beautiful little rose hole.

Again I let my hands roam all over Christine�s ass,
this time also caressing her little asshole, but not
reaching down as far as her pussy. She seemed to
respond well to the exploration of my fingers, and
while she tensed initially as I tickled her ass-hole,
she relaxed as she began to enjoy the caressing.

“Christine, I will count to three then you will have
your first spank. One…” As I began to count I felt
her tense, “two, three…” The noise of my hand across
her ass broke the tension as it cracked on her flesh,
and she cried out with the sudden smarting. As she
fought the smarting I quickly licked my finger and
pushed it through the ring of her ass, perhaps 2 inches
inside her. I could feel her clenching and unclenching
her ass to fight the stinging, and feel her squeezing
and releasing my finger as she did so. It was clear
that as the stinging eased, and with my finger inside
her, she was also finding this a very erotic experience
– as was I. I felt sure she could feel my hardness
against her.

I removed my finger after a couple of minutes, and
began to count again. “One, two, three…”

CRACK. Again she fought the pain by clenching and
unclenching her ass, and again I put my finger inside
her ass so she was clenching herself on my finger, and
again as the stinging eased I could hear her breathing
very hard in her arousal. Again I removed my finger.

“One, two, three…”

CRACK. Again my hand caught her, by now, red cheeks,
and again as she fought the stinging I put my finger as
deeply as I could into her ring, but with my other hand
I put two fingers deep into her pussy – she was soaking
wet. As the stinging eased I could feel her moving
herself slightly on my fingers, so I eased my fingers
in both holes in and out slowly, and managed to reach
her clitoris with another finger. Her breathing was
getting faster and faster, she moaned out load, and
within seconds I could feel my fingers being squeezed
as an orgasm ripped through her body. Her body
shuddered, shook, but I held her on my lap until she
subsided and relaxed. My fingers were still inside

I removed my fingers, turned her around so that her
feet were either side of my head, her head by my feet.

I pulled her up to me until my mouth was clamped on her
pussy, sucking in the delicious copious juices she had
produced. I let my tongue plunge in and out of her
soaking pussy, then flick against her clitoris. Within
seconds she was moaning again, and again it was hard to
hold on to her as the second orgasm ripped through her
body. She cried out in pleasure as she shuddered on top
of me.

When she had finished I lay her on the floor and put a
couple of cushions under her head. I removed her T-
shirt and bra, as well as my own clothes, and we lay
together, Christine holding on tight around my neck.

I rubbed my cock against her leg, then could wait no
longer – I rolled on top of her between her legs and
within seconds had thrust my cock fully inside of her.
She was so hot, so wet.

“Squeeze me,” I gently ordered, and could feel the
muscles of her cunt rippling over my cock – it was too
much. Within seconds I was thrusting hard in and out of
her, and within seconds orgasms again ripped through
both of us, her pussy feeling so fantastic squeezing
the sperm out of me.

We lay side by side, relaxing, my cock having slipped
out of her. Christine telling me how she had not had
sex since Nick, and this was 2 years pent up energy and
frustration. Telling me how he had never been strong
enough for her.

It was then I had my last idea. “Lick me clean,

She suddenly tensed. “I�ve never done…”

“Then this is the first time. Lick me clean.” The way
she did it after her initial reluctance, was just

Later as we dressed, Christine begged me not to tell
anyone about what had happened, and said this must
never happen again.


A week later Christine and Judy were sharing a coffee
at their favourite tea shop. Christine had avoided me
in that time, and certainly tried to forget the whole
episode. It was Judy who was chatting.

“So Christine, you weren�t supposed to tell me about
the chocolate bar,” she said half smiling half sternly.
“And Bill wasn�t supposed to tell me that you let him
fuck you.”

Judy watched as Christine�s embarrassment took over and
she began to splutter, making apologies, denying

After a couple of minutes of blustering Judy held up
her hand. “Don�t worry, Bill told me you are one sexy
cow. He told me about what you are like. Maybe next
time we will tie you up, spank you, and both take you
as many times as we want…”

Christine�s voice was barely a whisper. “Yes please.”


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