The Dick

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by Sandmann (


The day in the life of a sleazy private eye. (MF+, intr,
anal, feet, ds, prost)



It was one of those god-awful summer nights in the city.
The midnight hour was fast approaching and the
temperature readout flashed 98 degrees on the bank
clock. The humidity turned any dry piece of clothing
into a sweaty rag. It was under these ideal conditions
that I aimed my binoculars at a dining room window of a
second story apartment.

I had followed a well dressed black man to the apartment
where he proceeded to dine with a redhead who appeared
to be his mistress. The girl seemed to giggle at just
about anything he said. A regular charmer, this guy was.
I took a camera shot of this conversation then let my
mind drift back to a meeting earlier this evening.

I hadn’t had a new client for over a week. Not that such
a dry spell was unique for me in any way. I put in a
final call to an old client to see if he had any new
investigation business he needed taken care of. After
about 20 minutes of needless chit-chat he closed with,
“Sorry, Frank. I really don’t have anything for you
right now.”

As I hung up the phone I heard a knock on my door. I
yelled, “It’s open.” To say that a woman walked in would
be to understate the event. I’d worked for plenty of
female clients in my days as a dick, but never had I
laid eyes on a dame like this. Sexuality oozed from
every pore of her smooth, dark skin. Her full hips
swiveled back and forth within a close-fitting business
suit as she took a seat across from my desk.

As I leaned forward upon my desk to get a closer view,
she crossed her legs in a way that was obviously done
for affect. Her rounded knees protruded outwardly from a
short slit within her skirt. The dramatic curve of her
calves mirrored the larger curves of her body. Her
exquisite legs were encased within white silk stockings,
and a black pump was dangling precipitously from the
toes of her beautiful left foot. I took in this entire
view from a quick sweep of my eyes. “Never leer at a
client.” It was a good rule to live by.

Staring into two jet black eyes I listened as she asked,
“Are you Mr. Chase?”

“Most days.”

An angelic smile spread across her face as she said, “I
believe you know a co-worker of mine, Ronnie Moore?”

“Yeah, I’ve worked some for Ron.”

“Well he told me that you could help me out here. Are
you ready to hear my story? I’ll keep it as brief as I

“Take as long as you wish ma’am.”

“I was your typical ghetto kid from a broken family. I
had no intention of remaining there and began placing
myself in the path of affluent men by the time I was 18.
Mostly bars, health clubs, that sort of thing. At an
aerobics studio, fifteen years ago, I met a man from one
of the wealthiest black families in this city, the
McLemore clan.

“I caught Bernard’s eye, and before the year was over we
were married. I guess I loved him at one point, but I’d
always seen him as a means to an end in terms of the
life I wanted. He put me through college and business
school, and allowed me to take a job as a broker at

“All of this went according to my grand plan. From the
beginning, I was allowed to take control of Bern’s
finances, much to the relief of his family. He’s a
spendthrift and his family was getting tired of upping
his monthly stipend. I put him on a tight budget, and
have played the remainder of his stipend within various
markets. I’ve taken precautions to ensure that Bern and
his family aren’t aware of any of this investment
activity. The greedy bastards forced me to sign a pre-
nuptial agreement before the wedding, so this is my way
of getting my share.”

“I recently hit big on an investment and am looking to
quit this marriage. I know Bern has been cheating on me,
but since he’s never been a very good lover, I’ve
ignored it and immersed myself in my work.”

At this point she paused, so I took up the slack in the

“So you’re here to hire me to find proof of Bernie boy’s

She smiled again and lightly inhaled, causing her ample
chest to expand to even greater proportions, as she
replied, “You’re pretty smart for a white boy.”

“Ma’am, I’m twenty plus years from my days of being
referred to as a boy.”

“Well Mr. Chase, I’m still far too young to be referred
to as ma’am. If I’m gonna hire you, you’d better call me
Chantell, or Chan, or Channie for short.”

“Well Ms. Chantell I’d love to work for you and you can
call me Frank.”

She paid my retainer in cash and told me where I could
expect to pick up Bern’s trail. She explained that she
regularly worked the graveyard shift at Helgesen-Smith
monitoring the Asian stock markets during the dead-of-
night. She continued, “I get off from my shift at 4:00
a.m. If you finish tailing Bernard around that time I
wouldn’t mind receiving a preliminary report. I’ll swing
by this building, and if I see your light on I’ll stop
in, okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll probably be here,” I muttered as she swung
her incredible ass out the door.


I was fondly reflecting upon her narrow waist, her
striking nose, her naturally full lips, and her sexy
feet when I saw a light flash out at the corner of my
eye. I sat up quickly and noted that Bernard and his
carrot-top lover were moving on to another room. I
grabbed my camera and bolted toward the building. As I
walked around to the side of the building, I found a
balcony opposite a lit room.

I scrambled up the side of the building and landed
stealthily onto the floor of the deck. I breathed a sigh
of relief when I noticed that the curtains over the
patio doors were cracked open about 2 inches. I brought
out a directional mike, pointed it toward the bed, and
turned on the mini-recorder I had within my pocket. I
sat down beside the glass doors with my camera propped
on my knees, and proceeded to enjoy the scene.

Bernard was sitting naked on the bed, stroking his thin
five-incher, as his beautiful girlfriend did a slow
striptease in front of him. During her sensual dance she
paid a lot of attention to her clit. She started by
rubbing it with the palm of her hand through her
panties. By the time she had stripped down to a pair of
dark stockings, she’d had two orgasms by my count.

She had long red hair that flowed down and around her
shoulders. Her skin was a milky white with striking red
moles on her thigh and belly. She looked to be in her
late teens or early twenties. She had some remaining
baby fat that gave her tits and hips some extra
curvature. Her aereolas were wide and pink and she kept
her round nipples erect with one hand, as her other hand
was busy on her clit.

She had a round, soft face that was highlighted by
emerald green eyes. She had to be as fine a young, white
fuck that Bernard was apt to find anywhere; but, why he
was messing around when he already had a drop-dead
gorgeous wife was beyond me.

I’d took two photographs when Bernie grunted, “Ah shit,
it happened again.”

The girl opened her eyes from her dancing reverie and
moved toward the bed.

“Oh my darling, did you come early, again?”

Bernard mumbled, “Yeah. Sheila, your dancing is just too
erotic for me. I guess we should start right into the
screwing for now on.”

“Don’t worry sweetie, I’ll clean it up like I always do.
You know how I love the taste of your cock cream!”

She proceeded to lick his dick along its length. She
took a long time cleaning up Bern’s premature ejaculate.
She played with his stringy cum with her tongue and lips
for at least five minutes. Her tongue was
extraordinarily long and dexterous. I wouldn’t have
believed it if I hadn’t seen it, but she could wrap it
all of the way around Bern’s pecker, which was a feat
even given the relative small size of his prick. Finally
she finished off the remaining drops of cum on her mouth
with a slow languorous swirl of her tongue around her
lips. She swallowed noisily and then gave Bern’s cock a
couple of tugs with her hand to bring him fully erect

“Jesus, Sheila, you are one talented little girl.”

She reached her arms up around his neck and moved close
to kiss him, “Thank you Bernie.”

He held her away and retorted, “You know I hate that
nickname, and you also know I don’t kiss you after a

She looked down and said, “I’m sorry.”

“I feel like doing you doggie style tonight, so turn

She got onto the bed on all fours and stared back at him
with those incredible green eyes. He commented, “Wow,
your pussy is as wet as a fountain.” He didn’t seem to
have too much trouble pushing his way into her vagina.
Once he was all of the way in he released his breath and
said, “God, your pussy feels great.”

“Oh your big cock is such a great fit for my whorish
cunt. Fuck me like the big, black daddy you are. Treat
me like a dog.”

Bernard grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her
head back. “Shut up Sheila. You know I don’t like that
whore and dog and daddy language. If you’re gonna talk,
talk like a sweet girl. That’s what turns me on most.”

Although, Bernie boy was obviously pissed, it was clear
by the look on Sheila’s face that she enjoyed the rough
tug on her hair. She immediately moved her hand beneath
her belly to her clit as he resumed pumping her from
behind. She made soft mewing sounds into her pillow as
she brought herself to orgasm, again.

It took Bernard all of 5 minutes to reach orgasm, again.
But this time he seemed to be satisfied with his
stamina. His dick was limp within seconds of pulling out
of her. He collapsed onto his back while she crawled
into his embrace.

I almost forgot to take more photographs. Just prior to
their somewhat mutual orgasms, I took a few shots of
them. I was disappointed about not getting shots of her
earlier tongue job, but reasoned that those wouldn’t be
the best ones to show Ms. Chantell McLemore, anyway.
I’ve found that when confronting clients with evidence
of their spouse’s infidelity that it is best not to hit
them over the head with the most graphic sex scenes.

Sheila’s pale body looked very inviting. From my vantage
point I could see her snatch was dripping all kinds of
fluids. The two of them engaged in some meaningless
drivel, and then he finally got dressed to leave. I fled
back to my car. Bernard came out of the building and I
followed him home. His bedroom light flashed on briefly
and then went out.


My job for the night being done, I debated on whether to
blow off Ms. McLemore and catch some rest. I could
always report to her in the morning. But her image
haunted my mind, and three hours didn’t seem to be an
inordinate amount of time to wait. I proceeded to one of
my favorite bars for a few drinks before it closed. Hal,
the bartender, often kept it open late, so I planned on
wasting two of the hours chatting with him.

Hal was busy with some of the other customers when I
walked in, so I asked the waitress for some darts and a
pint of Guiness and headed for the dartboard. I had
thrown a couple of rounds at the board when a familiar
voice said, “You really know how to hit the bullseye.”

I turned to look right into the sexiest pair of green
eyes I had ever seen. I almost blurted out “Sheila!”,
but I luckily caught my wits and responded, “Hello.”

A smile spread out between her long, thin, red lips to
reveal two perfect rows of white teeth. The striking
juxtaposition of green, red, and white within and around
her face was dizzying for a moment. I collected myself
as she said, “Well hello to you, too. I was sitting over
in the booth and was amazed that you could hit the
center three times in a row. The men I always end up
with never have that kind of focus nor accuracy.”

I cleared my throat and looked down for the first time,
noticing that she had squeezed her body into a skin
tight black dress that didn’t quite make it over the
tops of stockings. I made a nervous attempt at humor and
responded, “Are you referring to darts or something

She kept smiling at me and ignored my repartee. “Will
you teach me to throw?”

As she said it she batted her eyelashes once. I tried to
turn on my charm by replying, “I’d like to, but if the
cops bust into the joint they’re sure to arrest me for
contributing to the delinquency of a minor, wouldn’t

She feigned a hurt look, extending her lower lip, “You
don’t believe I’m 21 years old?”

“I guess if Hal let you in, you must be of age. Come on.
Step to the line and I’ll show you some good technique.”
Her face visibly brightened at this comment as she took
the darts and moved past me to face the board.

I was staring at her back and my eyes lingered a little
too long on her peachy ass when she commented, “When can
we begin?”

She caught me looking and I blushed as I said,

“How cute, you’re blushing. It’s nice to see an older
man who can still be embarrassed.”

I moved to her side and began showing her what a good
arm and wrist movement toward the board is, but she
moved in front of me, saying “Show me like this. It’ll
be easier to visualize if you’re standing behind me.”
Without her 3-inch heels, I estimated her to be 5’5″.

The added height caused her lovely butt to press right
against my crotch as I tried to concentrate on holding
her arm and showing her how to throw. She threw all
three darts, went to the board to collect them, and then
snuggled back against the growing bulge in my pants,
again. As I was explaining how she should change her arm
motion, she interrupted me saying, “You know, the
humidity is amazing. No one can avoid sweating in this

It dawned on me that I hadn’t showered, nor changed
clothes all evening. I must have smelled pretty ripe to
her. She slowly turned around and looked at me with a
sly smile, continuing, “Some women find sweat
disgusting, but I love the smell of sweat from a well-
toned body.”

“You’re not really interested in learning about darts,
are you?”

“Well, I am interested in knowing if you can sustain
your focus and accuracy on something other than darts,”
she said as she raised one eyebrow.

“You know, I’m old enough to be your – er, uh, – older

She leaned her mouth close to my ear and whispered,
“Well I’m old enough to fuck you real good, big

My dick, entangled within my briefs, was rock hard after
that comment. She seemed to sense my discomfort and
sneaked a peak down to my crotch. I took the hint, took
her hand, and walked out. As soon as we got out the door
she spun me around, locked her arms around my neck, and
pressed her mouth against mine.

There was a moment where our lips explored one another
before her tongue went into action. “Her tongue,” I
thought to myself. I had just seen that long sexy tongue
perform some amazing acts a scant hour ago. Now it was
driving me crazy exploring every crack and cavity within
my mouth. I broke off the kiss abruptly and held her at
arm’s length. She was surprised and asked, “What’s your

I was even more surprised, but responded, “Frank! Frank

“My name is Sheila Conaghan. Do you want to follow me
back to my place or do you want to do it here in the
parking lot?”

I stood looking at her slack jawed, so she grabbed my
hand and pulled me into her car. As soon as I was
seated, she reached across and unzipped my pants. I
helped her pull my pants down, and when she pulled my
boner from my underwear the release from constriction
was such a relief that all I could do was sigh.

At the same time, she gasped, “Finally, a big cock for a
change. This will be a real challenge.” She kissed my
balls and stared up at me. “Frank, since you didn’t
answer my question I get to choose and my choice is to
partially do you hear in the lot and then take you home
and finish you off there. Do you have any objections?”

I wasn’t sure whether my dumb look and lost voice was a
turn-on or turn-off for her, but since I was having
quite a bit of luck with it, so far, I merely replied,
“uh uh!”

She smiled at me as she slid her long tongue up the
length of my cock, stopping to flick the pre-ejaculate
off of the end of it. “We’re not going anywhere until
this beautiful fat pecker erupts its cock cream into my

She took a big gulp of air and then took the entire
length of my penis down her throat in one downward swoop
of her head. Her mouth and throat seemed as hot as a
nuclear meltdown. I leaned back and enjoyed the ride as
she rotated her lips around the base of my dick. Her
nose was buried within the curls of my pubic hair. She
then changed her rhythm and snaked her amazing tongue
between her lips, past the base of my dick, and licked
my balls.

I was just about ready to blow when I remembered her
words about wanting to meet a man with focus and
concentration. I bit down on my lower lip and pulled all
my thoughts away from orgasm and just barely held it in.
I was enjoying the best blowjob of my entire life when I
realized that she had been deep throating my 8 incher
for over a minute. I grabbed her hair and pulled her
head off of my dick. She sat up and started coughing.

“My god, you could have choked to death.”

She coughed once more and replied, “Naah, I can hold my
breath for close to two minutes.” She was looking at me
with a new sparkle in her eye, and I recalled the look
on her face when Bernard yanked on her hair. She clearly
enjoyed a little rough play with sex.

I decided I’d had enough of doing the strong and silent
act, and changed my tactics. “You are one nasty little
whore. How much is this gonna cost me you dirty little

I could tell she was getting excited by this new turn.
“You’ll owe me at least one mouthful of cum.” She pushed
her head down and started giving me her wonderful
external tongue treatment as she squeezed my balls in
one hand and jerked off the base of my dick with the

Noting that both of her hands were busy and knowing how
much she enjoyed stimulation of her clit, I reached
beneath her skirt and felt her bare pussy. “You filthy
fuckin’ whore! You’re not wearing any panties!” This got
her even more excited and she wiggled her pussy down on
my hand until her lovely little clitoris was pinched
between two of my fingers. I proceeded to work on her
clit while inserting one of my fingers into her love
tunnel. Her cunt was as wet as this hot, humid night. I
kept at it, as she was beginning to bring me to the
brink with her tongue and lips.

Just as I thought I couldn’t hold back any longer, she
pulled her head from my cock and sent out a blood
curdling scream before I could clamp my other hand over
her mouth. I was shaken somewhat before I removed my
hand. Her breath was coming in gasps and I realized that
this was simply her orgasmic reaction to my hand job.

A couple of guys came running from the bar. I slid
beneath her into the driver’s side and pushed her to the
opposite seat. She was still half-dazed and banged her
head against the door. I grabbed her on both sides of
her face and yelled, “Your scream has caused a lot of
trouble. We gotta get out of here. Where are the keys
you stupid cunt.”

She found her purse and handed me her keys, saying,

As I gunned the engine to a start I replied, “What?”

She looked at me and said, “Sheila. You can call me
Sheila. You don’t have to call me a stupid cunt on the
drive home.”

I didn’t know if she had flipped some sexual switch, but
I proceeded cautiously with the dialogue thereafter. As
I pulled out of the parking lot I asked, “Where do you
live, Sheila?”

“At the Westchester Apartments. Do you know where they

“Yeah, I think so,” I replied, feigning my uncertainty.

She was quiet during the drive, but when we reached her
apartment building she turned toward me with an innocent
look in her eyes. “I’m sorry about the scene back there.
Sometimes I get into new sexual situations and I lose
it. I sorta meant to half scream, half moan, but I must
have lost it with the sexual shocks going up and down my

“Forget it doll. It happens to me every night.”

Her face lit up and she asked, “Then you’ll come inside
with me?”

“Just try to stop me.”


I glanced at my watch and noted that it was 2:30 am. I
briefly considered the ethical question of doing my
client’s husband’s girlfriend, but I dismissed it
quickly while looking over her body once more.

She held my hand tightly as she led me to her apartment.
Once in, I roughly threw her to the couch and started
taking my pants off. Her eyes went wide while she
whispered, “Don’t diddle me. I don’t want anything to
distract me when I suck all of the cream out of that big
ten incher.”

I laughed. “I seriously doubt that this thing is ten
inches, but you’re doing wonders for my ego you little

She smiled. She obviously had heard the affectionate
play on her name before. She kept her hands behind her
back as I walked forward and rubbed my prick across her
face. Her eyes were closed as I did this and she
occasionally flicked that tongue out as it passed by her
mouth. I whispered, “Tell me how much you want it

“I want it so bad that my cunt aches. Please let me suck
it Mr. Chase. I promise that I’ll treat it really nice.
I’m so crazy for your cock, I’ll do anything. You can
even fuck my virgin asshole, just let me suck it till it
spurts. Please, please, please!”

As she pleaded, tears started forming in her eyes, and I
realized that she was probably some kind of sexual
addict or nymphomaniac, or something. I placed the head
of my dick against her lips and she opened her mouth to
take in just the tip. She looked up at me, her tears
refracting the green of her eyes. This scene just about
caused me to blow my load right then and there. I bit
down on my lip, again, as I watched a fat tear escape
her eye and roll down her left cheek. She then looked
down and concentrated on giving me one of the best
blowjobs I’d ever received.

Her hands worked my balls and cockbase while her lips
and tongue swirled up and down the length of my dick.
Whenever she got to the tip of my cock, she pushed her
mouth over the end until it tickled her tonsils. Then
she would pull off, look me in the eye, and repeat the
process. I lost count after ten cycles, and several
minutes later I let myself go. She could feel me about
to come and squeezed hard on the base of my pecker. This
cut off the flow for a brief second while she slipped
the tip of my cock into her mouth.

She then clamped down hard on my balls with her other
hand, and with a yelp of pain I squirted the first glob
of semen out of my dick. I watched her swallow the first
stream and pull her mouth off of my cock. The second
blast erupted from the end of my dick and splatted
against her mouth and nose. She flicked her tongue at
the head, again, and without further coaxing I let out
two more jets of cum that successively landed across her
cheek and forehead as she pointed my cock upward. I sent
a final blast deep into the folds of her lovely red

I collapsed beside her onto the couch, and she proceeded
to clean all of the cum from my cock and her face. Upon
rising to look at me, I picked the last ribbon of jizz
from her hair with my fingers which she licked clean, as
well. She smiled shyly at me and hesitated. I realized
she wasn’t sure whether to kiss me, so I grabbed her
about the waist and kissed her enthusiastically.

She responded in kind and squirmed onto my lap forcing
her panty-less crotch against my freshly cleaned cock
which was starting to rise again. Her mouth tasted of my
cum, but I didn’t mind. The sensation of feeling her
tongue within my mouth was too much to pass up.

Finally, we broke off the kiss and I stripped off her
dress while she stripped off my shirt. I was suddenly
very cognizant of my ripe smell, but she seemed so taken
by it that she was licking the sweat from my chest and

She seemed to be a connoisseur of fucking. She liked the
rough stuff, she liked the tender stuff, she liked nasty
talk, she liked to play submissive. This was one sexy
young girl. I carefully picked her up and carried her
into the bedroom and laid her on her bed. Her eyes never
left me as I lit the many candles surrounding the room.
I got fully erect while staring back at her. I thought
about what she’d said about her virgin asshole, and
wondered how to go about it as I’d never had the
opportunity to buttfuck a woman.

As I approached the bed, she reached for my cock. I
grabbed her wrists and yanked them down hard. Her eyes
went wide and they seemed to catch afire. She yelled,
“Don’t hurt me you big-cocked rapist.”

Now it was my turn to be surprised, but I went through
with my plan and pushed her back onto the bed while
plunging my own head between her thighs. I attacked her
clit with my tongue for several seconds before she went
into convulsions. I stopped, but she eventually caught
her breath and told me she would be alright. I continued
licking her clit while working two of my fingers into
her tight snatch. She let out an almost continuous
stream of moans as I gave her my very best cunt sucking.

I moved my tongue constantly up and down her slit,
pausing to tease her labia with my teeth, and also
pausing to kiss her puckered up little asshole. I worked
a finger up her tight bunghole to loosen it up a little,
as I continued to work her clit with my tongue. This
sent her over the top and she half screamed, half moaned
as she unleashed her orgasm. I greedily licked up
everything leaking from her cunt, and a final shudder
ran through her body. I started at it again when she
yanked my hair and told me to stop.

“I can’t take it twice in a row. I think I would die.”

I took the cue and moved up her body, pausing to such on
her pink nipples for the first time. Her breasts were
roundly shaped and my attention seemed to affect her
positively without sending her down some orgasmic train
track. I continued upwardly and reached her pretty face.
Dark half-circles were forming beneath her eyes. She
looked exhausted, but she moved her lips to my ear and
whispered, “Fuck my cunt, Frank. Fuck me with that huge
cock of yours.”

Knowing she was plenty lubed I slipped my boner into her
pussy. As wet as she was, I could feel a lot of internal
and some external resistance as I pushed it up her
vaginal tract.

She let out another gasp, complaining, “Oh my God! Your
prick is so thick it’s rubbing against my clit.” I
started pulling out, but she yelled, “Push it back in
Frank! Make me cum again.”

I started pumping her, slowly at first but then picking
up speed. Her legs were clamped hard across my butt and
I raised up on my arms to get a better view of her face
and tits. Her eyes looked wild with terror as I
increased the pace of my thrusts. A long moan stretched
from her lips and I responded with a moan of my own. Her
eyes took on a glazed look as she uncontrollably started
beating my chest with her fists. The pace of my
pistoning cock was grinding her clit so hard that it
sent her into orgasm, once again.

She closed her eyes and lost her voice, this time. She
did go into spasms again which kind of scared me, so I
stopped. Her convulsions eventually died down, and I
shifted to her side while still hard within her pussy.
She opened her eyes and tears started spilling down her
cheeks. I didn’t know what to do, so I caressed her and
said in my most soothing voice, “It’s alright sugar.
Don’t cry. It’ll be alright.” I started doubting whether
she was the rough-tough nympho that I previously thought
she was.

She started laughing through her tears which caused me
to laugh in return. It was as if she was guessing my
thoughts when she said, “It’s okay. I’m still the hard-
bitten whore you met at the bar. I just have never
orgasmed continuously like this before. Thank you Frank,
you masterful fucker.”

“You’re welcome Sheila, you succulent little nympho.”

That set her off some more, and we both laughed for a
long time. Finally, she pulled herself off of my hard-on
with one last groan. She rolled over onto all fours and
said, “A deal’s a deal. I said that the price for
fucking me is a mouthful of jizm which you dutifully
paid. You asked how bad I wanted your meat, and I
offered you my last remaining virgin hole. Frank, I want
you to screw that cuntbuster into my shithole. I always
pay my debts.”

“God, you’re one filthy mouthed little pisser. You can
bet I’ll fuck that beautiful ass of yours. Should I be
gentle or should I ram it in hard?”

This question caught her by surprise and she thought
hard for a moment before whimpering, “Please be gentle.
I’ve never had anything inserted up into there, except
your finger just now, and I’m getting a little scared.”

I shook my head thinking, “Man this bitch has some crazy
moods. Hot and Cold. Dominant and Submissive.” I moved
between her rounded butt cheeks and started by kissing
her puckered asshole. She tensed up, but after licking
and spitting all around it she loosened up enough for me
to insert my tongue part ways up her anal canal. I’d
never gone this far up a woman’s ass before but it
didn’t feel unnatural.

The taste was plenty bitter, but knowing my cock would
be following soon, I was very excited by it all. I
worked one and then two fingers into her. She squirmed
upon my hand and seemed to be getting particularly
stimulated by it all. Once I felt she was adequately
lubed, I got to my knees and pushed my pecker into her
pussy once more to lube up my dick. This surprised her
and she let out a sustained groan. I pulled it out and
placed the head of my dick against her wet asshole.

“Are you sure you want my tool up your poopshoot little

This time it was my turn to be surprised as she pushed
back onto my cock. Her rectum and my prick were such a
tight fit that we both let out a gasp as the first three
inches disappeared. I worked the tip of my cock back and
forth in her anus until it was almost all of the way in.
We were both grunting pretty loudly when she finally
thrust her butt all of the way back against my stomach.
The tightness of her asshole felt great on my cock and I
knew I wouldn’t last long as I started a consistent
pumping action.

Sheila started yelling, “Ow, Ow, it hurts. Your cock is
hurting me.”

I abruptly stopped and asked, “Do you want me to pull

She yelled, “Don’t you dare you motherfucker! Keep
pumping my shithole Frank!”

I resumed my pumping and muttered, “I’ve never fucked my

She heard me and said, “That’s surely her loss.”

I slapped her ass in response, and she let out a little
yelp. Eventually, her asshole loosened up to the point
where I was able to pump fairly quickly in and out of
her ass. I teased her by withdrawing all but the tip of
my dick from her hole and then pushing it in to the hilt
with a certain ferocity. This action seemed to change
things for her.

“I had no idea how this would be. This is wonderful!”

She started moaning and screaming into a pillow as I
continued to fuck her ass. I could feel her cunt walls
starting to contract as she went into yet another
powerful orgasm. This action caused her anus to
contract, as well, and sent me over the brink. I yelled
loudly as I released my sperm toward her colon. She felt
my orgasm and lifted her head to yell, “Cum in my ass
Frank. Cum and cum and cum and cum … ” She trailed off
into a series of moans. My cock erupted for what seemed
like an hour. The vise grip of her rectum seemed to
stretch out my orgasm. She seemed almost unconscious
after her fourth orgasm of the evening (with me, that

I was exhausted and collapsed onto her back. With the
pumping stopped, her asshole contracted about my still
hard cock. I was unsure whether I would get limp enough
to pull it from her butt. She whispered, “I’ve never
orgasmed without clit stimulation before. That was

I sang a little lullaby into her ear which seemed to
change her mood, yet again. She squirmed off of my cock
and into my arms as if she was an infant. When I
finished the song she asked me to sing it again. I
obliged and rocked her fast asleep within my arms. I
absently traced a circle around her red thigh mole.

I can’t fall asleep immediately after sex. Although I
get quite tired, the post-coital period is always a
supercharged kind of exhaustion. For me, it’s like
trying to go to sleep on a wired caffeine buzz. I let
Sheila sleep as my mind started to wander. Suddenly I
realized that I had promised to report to my client.
What was her name? I couldn’t believe that I forgot her


I slipped from Sheila’s embrace and tucked her into the
blankets. I grabbed my watch and it showed 3:30 a.m. It
would take me at least ten minutes to run to my car at
the bar and another fifteen to drive to my office. I
hurriedly dressed, but dropped my belt loudly onto the
floor in the process. Sheila woke up and dreamily called
for me. I was really torn and almost left, but I went
back into the bedroom and sat down beside her.

“Where are you running off to?”

“I gotta go. I promised someone that I would meet them
early this morning.”

“So I don’t get to cook you breakfast or squeeze some
morning juice from your pecker?”

I shook my head and kissed her on her lips. She grabbed
me by my shirt after the kiss and asked, “Can you come
back after your meeting?”

My head was swimming. I said, “Maybe…”

To which she replied, “Good! Take my apartment key and
let yourself back in.

If I’m still sleeping I want you to wake me up by
licking my pussy real good.”

I looked surprised in response, and she asked, “Do you

The mental picture of waking her up by eating her out
was too vivid for me. I muttered, “Okay”.

She collapsed back onto the bed with a dreamy smile and
was fast asleep before I left the apartment.


As I ran from the apartment, I settled into a jog toward
the bar. The temperature was finally beginning to cool
and a breeze was starting to flow inland off of the bay.
After some concentration I recalled that the name of my
client was Chantell McLemore. My mind slowly started
filling in the details of her persona which was quite
substantial. Ms. McLemore seemed almost the opposite of
the cute Sheila he had just fucked. She had dark looks.
She was a serious professional. She was intelligent and
rich. And perhaps the most important difference: she was
older and wiser. This was not a woman to underestimate.

I reached my car and continued my thought processes on
the way to the office.

I had definitely put myself in a precarious position in
regards to my client. By screwing Sheila I had
interfered with the affairs of Chantell, instead of
being an objective observer of these events, as
professionally required. So I had two options. One, I
could admit to her that I got involved and refer her to
some other dick; or two, I could attempt to conceal my
involvement and hope that she doesn’t find out.
Considering my dwindling bank account, option one didn’t
look too attractive right now.

It was 4:00 a.m. sharp when I pulled into the back
parking lot. I reasoned that if her shift was over at 4
that she wouldn’t be by for at least another ten
minutes. I raced upstairs and turned on the light. After
another five minutes of thinking I came to the
conclusion that she was too classy to rely on a
faithless shit like me as her detective. I’d give her my
full report, square the account with her, and tell her
of my accidental involvement with Sheila. Who knows,
maybe she’ll take pity on me and keep me on the case, in
spite of it all.

The knock on the door came five minutes earlier than I
expected. I went to the door and opened it. Chantell had
her suit jacket draped across her arm and the top two
buttons of her blouse were undone. She looked like she’d
had a tough night at work.

“Come in Ms. McLem- err, I mean Chantell.”

A smile broke out upon her face as she extended her
hand, “Pleased to see you again Frank.”

“Would you care to sit on the couch rather than at the

“I’d love to as long as you don’t mind if I remove these
pumps. My feet are killing me. I was on my feet all
evening as our computer connection to Hong Kong went
down and I was forced to use our discount international
telephones across the hall in order to do our business

“I don’t mind at all,” and as I said it she reached out
and put one hand on my shoulder as she bent one leg and
slipped her shoe off one foot. She then put her other
hand on my other shoulder to release her other shoe.
When she was done she was directly facing me and I could
judge that she was still a statuesque 5’8″ standing
flat-footed. She didn’t use any perfume that I was aware
of, but she obviously used some type of soap or lotion
that had a very natural smell.

As I looked down at her face she smiled and said, “Thank

She took a seat on one end of the couch and stretched
out her long curvaceous legs. I took a seat at the
opposite end, and she bent her knees slightly so that
her white-stockinged feet wouldn’t be touching my thigh.
Her casual appearance upon the couch had an even more
pronounced allure for me. I mentally concentrated and
started into my report. In addition to her appearance,
her air seemed very casual as well. Here I was reporting
on the basic facts of her husband’s infidelity and she
seemed quite unconcerned by it all.

I couldn’t help but notice that she seemed to be
consciously breathing hard. The rise and fall of her
chest extending outwardly from her blouse was putting a
lot of strain on my peripheral vision. As I was
finishing my report, she subtly moved her feet against
my thigh, and would occasionally wiggle her toes. This
was becoming a real turn-on for me which as a
consequence was a problem considering the restriction of
the growing pecker within my briefs.

“…and that’s pretty well the extent of what happened
with your husband, tonight, Channie.”

At the sound of her nickname she looked up and smiled
again. “I have the photographs on film, and can have it
developed by a photographer friend of mine in
confidence. I can have both the photos and my written
report to you by the end of the week, but you may want
some further surveillance before going to the divorce
lawyers with all of this.”

She tucked her left leg up under her and started
massaging her stocking clad foot. At length she replied,
“Yes, I think you’re right Frank. I think we will need
further spying on Bern.”

“Excuse me for interrupting here, but would you like me
to massage your feet, Chan?”

“Oh God! I was hoping you’d catch the signal, Frank. But
only if it’s not a bother. It won’t gross you out or
anything will it?”

“No, not at all. I’ve always enjoyed giving and
receiving foot massages. I’ve been sitting around in a
car all night so I surely don’t need one myself, but I’m
always at service of a friend in need.” I slipped off my
own boots and turned to face her on the couch. She
slipped her sexy right foot into my hands while
stretching the left leg out until her left foot was
extended between my legs. I really couldn’t believe this
was happening, but I kept my composure and started
rubbing the soft curves of her foot and toes.

She started in again on her instructions, saying, “I
think we need Bernard followed during the daytime. He
might have another mistress. Who knows?” She tilted her
head back and moaned, “God, that feels good! You’re not
a professional are you?”

I was kneading the muscles in her foot quite forcefully
by now and she seemed to be enjoying it even more. “No,
not me, but like I said I have enjoyed foot massaging in
the past, so I do have some experience with it.” As I
said this I dropped her right foot and started massaging
her left. She deftly placed her right foot directly
against my crotch and it took a maximum of composure to
keep my cool, now. Luckily, my formal report was over.

“Well, anyway, I think you’ve done a very good job so
far … on the Bernard watch, that is. Oh, on the feet,
as well.” She grinned on this last statement showing her
bright, white teeth. A small gap existed between her
front teeth and this slight imperfection enhanced her
attractiveness. “So, what’s the damage. What do I owe

“Expenses came to 27 dollars and my time, including this
report, comes to 300.”

“That seems fair.” And as she said this, she bent down
to retrieve her purse from the floor, but while doing
this she was wiggling her toes at my crotch. It seemed
impossible that I could contain myself while feeling and
looking at these two sexy feet. All I wanted to do was
grab one and start kissing it all over. I wasn’t paying
attention to the rest of her, and a few silent moments
later I found her rubbing the flat of her right foot
directly against the bulge in my pants. I looked up

“Hmmmm. It seems we have a little foot fetish on our
hands here, doesn’t it?”

I dropped her left foot, ignoring the play on words, and
stammered, “I-uh-I apologize Ms. McLemore. You’re right.
I do have a fetish problem. I never should have offered
to massage your feet.” But her right foot never stopped
massaging my crotch while her left foot was now moving
up and down my thigh.

“Did I refer to your fetish as a problem? I don’t think
so,” she said with her eyes held wide open and her
elegant eyebrows arched. It was a smoldering look that
burned me to the quick. I grabbed her left foot and
immediately started showering it with kisses. The mixed
scent of shoe leather and sweat was a powerful
aphrodisiac for me. As I kissed and licked the lovely
curve of her heel, she wiggled her toes before my eyes.

I kissed my way across her arch to the ball of her foot
and took the time to kiss each of her toes. She had
scooted forward to gain a better advantage on my crotch,
moving her right foot back and forth over the material
covering my cock and balls. I held her leg by her calf
and softly kneaded her calf muscle while kissing her
toes. This elicited another moan from her, and as she
tilted her head back, I had my first shot of the tops of
her stockings, garter belt, and lacy little panties.

She caught me looking when she said, “No Frank, I really
believe there is no problem here.” Then she winked at
me. “But, I really want to return this wonderful favor
on my feet. Here let me relieve some pressure here.” She
reached and undid my belt and fly. She then pulled down
my pants and underwear and released a blast of air
through the gap in her teeth that sounded like a

“Oh my, Mr. Chase! You are a big man.” I thought she was
going to proceed to blow me, but much to my delight she
sat back again and gave me an unrestricted footjob. This
time she was able to slide her sexy foot back and forth
across the entire length of my throbbing boner pausing
to tickle my balls with her toes. I resumed my kissing
of her other foot keeping one hand moving up and down
her entire leg, as far as I could reach. My hand
caressed her leg from her ankle, across her knee, and
down her thigh to her stocking tops. Eventually, I got
bold and released the catches between her stocking and
garter belt.

“You know Frank, that a black woman’s foot is two-toned
in color. Many men think the whiter looking sole is
ugly. If you were to remove my stocking, you might not
be so turned on by my feet.” I took this as a clear
invitation to do just that. I scooted forward and
reached down between her legs.

I let my fingers stray across her panties for a moment,
and they felt quite wet with sweat and pussy juice. I
only hoped that I would get to ingest such sweet elixir
before the night was over. I reached for the top band of
her stocking top and began to roll it downwardly upon
her leg. I tore my gaze temporarily away from her leg to
look at her face. She was staring intently at me and
gave me a look that was so patently lustful that I had
to swallow hard due to the dryness of my throat.

I looked back down at her leg and found she had balanced
her left foot upon my shoulder and was tracing the line
of my jaw with her toes. I proceeded to roll the
stocking down the length of her thigh and over her knee.
As I did so, my fingers trailed along the dark, smooth
and unblemished skin of her leg. I pulled the sheer
white stocking across her calf and ankle while lifting
her foot from my shoulder. With her foot poised in front
of my face, I pulled the remainder of the stocking over
the heel of her foot, across her arch and let it drop
from her toes.

The dark soft skin at the top of her foot was at
distinct odds with the tougher and lighter skin on the
bottom of her foot. The ying and yang quality of her
foot drove me to kiss her foot all over, again. After
showering it with kisses, I went back and started
licking every square inch of her left foot. She was
really enjoying the attention and kept her jet black
eyes locked upon my face. I’m not sure if she caught it
but I finally blushed over all of these events.

Finally, I reached her toes and drew each of these two-
toned wonders into my mouth individually. I sucked on
each one while swirling my tongue around these lovely
little digits. Upon putting each one in my mouth she
gave out a little pleasure yelp. Meanwhile, I was
getting hornier by the minute. My cock was totally
engorged with blood. I looked up at her as I was sucking
her last little toe.

She was now concentrating on bringing my erect penis to
the brink. The sight of her working to bring me to
orgasm was too much to handle. I knew I only had moments
left, so I stuffed all of her toes into my mouth, as far
as they would go. She looked up into my eyes, and I lost
it. I could feel the surge from my balls, so I bit down
slightly on her foot and her eyes went wide as she let
out a sustained groan.

To prevent gagging, I pulled her foot from my mouth and
placed it against my face. My orgasm was powerful, and I
sprayed the first couple of jets up over my own chest. I
couldn’t recall when my shirt buttons had been undone.
The remaining jizz sprayed out lavishly across her
stocking clad right foot.

In an instinctive response, I dropped her left foot and
our bodies moved closer to one another. Our mouths met
in a hard kiss, and I was practically bowled over by how
sweet her tongue and lips tasted. I kept thinking of how
much I’d wanted to kiss this mouth from the moment I met
her. It was a long languorous kiss that included much
movement of both of our lips and tongues.

When we broke from the kiss, she cautioned, “Be careful,
I don’t want to lose any of your seed.” As I looked at
her quizzically, she slyly smiled as she rolled the
stocking off of her right leg careful not to let any of
my jizz drop off the end as she removed it from her
foot. With her eyes locked on mine she started licking
the cum off of her stocking. I’d never seen such a sight
and just stared at her in dumb amazement. When she
finished, she moved to my chest and licked and swallowed
the trail of cum leading down to my cock. She used her
tongue to good effect upon my cock to ensure that she
got every last drop.

She laid her head across my thighs and gazed up into my
eyes. I was still speechless when she said matter-of-
factly, “I knew I smelled something fishy on you, but
after getting a good whiff of your cock and licking it
clean I know you’ve had another woman tonight.”

Needless to say I still couldn’t bring my vocal chords
to work. But I’m sure she saw the new shock upon my face
as she went on, “She smelled and tasted like a pretty
rank whore, Frank. I thought the pungent odor was bad,
but the bitter taste was almost overpowering.” The blood
drained from my face as it dawned upon me that the last
place my pecker was before entering Chantell’s mouth was
up Sheila’s asshole.

Chantell sat up and said, “Frank, you’re white as a
ghost! Please, you haven’t offended me in the least. In
fact, quite the opposite. These smells and tastes are an
aphrodisiac for me. I don’t know if you noticed, but I
had an orgasm during all of this. My sense of smell is
so acute that I can bring myself off without any manual
stimulation, whatsoever! I didn’t want to insinuate that
you sleep around with whores, I’m just saying that
whoever it was you obviously got down to some pretty
ripe action.

“I’m quite flattered that you didn’t wash up afterwards.
It clearly means that you had no intention of making me.
Since I stopped fucking my husband, five years ago, I’ve
never accepted sex from any man unless it’s totally
spontaneous. If I catch a whiff (excuse the pun) that
the guy expects sex, I won’t give him the time of day.
Unfortunately, it means I’ve done without sex almost
entirely. Well, I guess there were a couple of times in
there.” She smiled.

I recovered and said, “What a waste,” and she was
positively beaming at me for the offhanded compliment.
It was then, that I realized that on top of everything
else, I’d spent all night sweating on surveillance,
sweating during sex, and sweating here in my office. It
truly sunk home that this woman enjoyed ripe smells
because I had to truly stink from sweat.

“Well even if you like this sort of thing, I must be
allowed to apologize for not washing up. I was raised to
have better manners than this.”

“Apology accepted. And if you really want to make it up
to me you’ll tell me all about your other sexual
adventure tonight.”

At this point I realized that the whole idea of coming
forth with the truth about Sheila was not going to work.
I already deserved a painful death from Chantell for
allowing her to lick up the smells and tastes of her
husband’s mistress. I was surely not going to cause her
pain by letting her know the truth. I quickly started to
skate around the truth, and told her that my former
lover of the evening was a common girlfriend of mine.

“Oh really? You don’t give out that having-a-girlfriend

“Well, she’s not really a girlfriend, she’s more of a
fuckfriend … err, excuse the vulgarity.”

Chantell bent forward and lightly kissed my lips,
saying, “Don’t sweat that sweetie. You’ll find that I
can swear with the best of sailors, so as long as you
don’t get offended, I won’t get offended.” She paused
before going on. “So, your fuckfriend, does she walk
both sides of the street? Is she bi?”

This caught me off guard. I wasn’t sure where she was
going with this, but I had a feeling I wasn’t going to
like where it ended up. “Well, I really don’t know. I
don’t think so, but I suppose she could be.”

“When are you going to see her again? Did you promise
her you’d meet her after giving me this report?”

Now my mind was reeling. I decided to give the truth a
very short leash since she probably saw the surprise in
my face. “Why yes, how did you guess?”

“Intuition. Can I come along?”

Son-of-a-bitch! Now I’m dug into a hole as deep as it
goes. “I really don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“Why not? I can’t imagine that you’d settle for anything
short of a progressive lover. I’m sure she’d have no
problem if I watched.”

When I get backed into a corner, I sometimes get
creative, so this was a time to change tactics. “Are you
bisexual Chantell?”

“I’ve often wondered about it, but I’ve never actually
been with a woman before. It’s funny, now that you
mention it I can recall my Aunt Tessa giving me
lingering kisses on the lips. I never thought much about
it until I got older and then I thought of it as kinda

This was good. Get her distracted by reminiscing and
somehow I’ll find a way out of this. “Well kissing is
one thing, but I’m sure the decision for lesbian sex
would be a pretty big step to take.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that.” She paused and then said,
“I know! We’ll go to your fuckfriend’s house and we’ll
ask her if she’d like to have sex with me for the first
time. If she doesn’t want to, I promise I’ll leave. If
she does, and I get squeamish, I’ll also leave. But if
she does and I go through with it, you get to watch
Frank! It’s perfect! I know it’s every man’s dream to
watch two women make love. Why do all of the porno films
have lesbo scenes, otherwise?”

She had me. I was dead, but I tried one last feint. “I’m
sure she probably wouldn’t go for any of this.”

“Oh come on! You just told me that you don’t know if
she’s bi, or not. What would it hurt to ask her? I
promise that I’ll ask her very nicely so that she won’t
think any less of you.”

My final gambit was likely to produce the opposite
effect than I intended, but I had to let her know about
it anyhow. “She’s sleeping and I had to promise that I’d
wake her up by cunnilingus.”

“That’s perfect. I’ll wake her up that way. If she wakes
up and is horrified, I’ll apologize profusely. If I
don’t feel I can go through with it, I’ll leave you in

I recalled before that I had a tough time saying “no” to
this black magic woman, and things hadn’t improved for
me in this regard. I finally shrugged my shoulders and
said “okay.”

She responded by flinging herself into my arms and
kissing me for a few minutes. It was the first time that
I had felt her ample chest press against mine, and I had
to admit that as miserable as I felt that this kiss was
especially pleasurable.


On the drive over to Sheila’s apartment, I tried to
backpedal as best as I could to perhaps make it through
the night. I told Chantell that my fuckfriend and I had
a very confidential relationship and that we didn’t want
others to know about it, so we never give out one
another’s names, and so she shouldn’t expect any
introduction. She seemed to accept this.

Luckily, Chantell wouldn’t see Sheila’s & Bernard’s
pictures for about a week, so it would buy me time
before Chantell finds out who Sheila really is. Sheila’s
voice was pretty muffled and non-distinct on the tape I
played for Chantell, so I doubt that she would recognize
it, in person. We arrived at Sheila’s apartment at the
very break of dawn. Chantell stopped me prior to getting
out, because she had obviously been thinking about
something on the drive over.

“Tell me the truth here, Frank. Did you buttfuck her
before coming over to give me the report?” I groaned in
response, and that told her all she needed to know. “I
knew it! I knew there was something more rank on your
penis than simple pussy juice.” She was beaming when she
continued, “Maybe I should be the detective here.”

She declared, “Well if we go through with this and she’s
game, I’m gonna ask her to lick out my asshole in
return. We’ll see how she likes it.” I groaned again, as
she continued, “As a matter of fact, I think you should
be the one to lick our assholes.”

I did not have a happy look on my face when I replied,
“I’ve already performed analingus on her and I’d be more
than happy to perform it on you.”

She got out of the car and declared, “Really. I’ve never
had it performed on me. This should be some fun!”


I let myself into Sheila’s apartment with Chantell close
behind. I looked through Sheila’s open bedroom door to
find her fast asleep in bed. She was lying atop the
covers so this cunnilingus wake-up call was obviously
going to work.

Chantell whispered behind me, “She’s naked!”

“Yeah, I noticed.”

“Well I better get undressed, as well.”

As she stripped off her clothes I got my first full look
at her form, and once again, I was blown away by the
beauty of this woman. Her breasts were perched high upon
her chest and were very full. There was no sag to them
which seemed to enhance their fullness. Her areolas were
as broad as a coffee cup, and as brown as a dark coffee
bean. Her nipples stood out like the end of a pool cue.
The perfection of these tits made me dizzy, but her body
didn’t stop there. Her waist was very narrow, but flared
dramatically into wide, full hips.

The crack of her ass was very pronounced and extended
vertically at least 10 inches above the bottom of her
pussy. She kept her bush well trimmed, and the pussy
looked like a ten course meal. Her large pussy lips
stretched out like butterfly wings and didn’t quite hide
the pink entrance to her vagina. Her clitoris was poised
like a sentinel above it all. Finally, her long
beautifully curved legs suspended the entire package
well above the floor of the room.

“Well how do I look?”

I took her into my arms and whispered, “You’re a
goddess.” She beamed and proceeded to give me a long,
slow wet kiss. Meanwhile my hands never stopped
caressing the length of her body. As we broke apart, I
whispered into her ear, “If you two do get along, you’re
in for a special treat. She has the most incredible
tongue I’ve ever come across.”

Chantell arched her eyebrows and replied, “Oh really?”
Obviously she got the double entendre.


Light was faintly starting to shine within the room, but
there was enough to clearly see what was going on in the
bedroom. I stood to one side peering in as Chantell
approached Sheila’s sleeping form. In spite of the
obvious trouble all of this was likely to cause me, I
was getting very turned on by where it was heading,

Sheila was lying on her stomach with her legs spread
well apart. Chantell leaned over the end of the bed and
I could see her pussyworks very well from my position as
she slowly started to caress Sheila’s thighs and ass
cheeks. Chan took one more look back at me, and then
took the plunge. There was never any doubt in my mind
that she would go through with it. Channie’s chin rested
on the surface of the bed as she flicked her tongue at
Sheila’s pussy. Sheila immediately moaned in response.
Chan started licking up and down her slit, but stopped
short of her asshole, for now. Sheila was still half
asleep, but she was beginning to get very aroused.

She deftly turned over onto her back while still keeping
her eyes closed. This allowed Chan much greater access
to Sheila’s cunt, and she proceeded to drive her finger
into her slit while gently biting and sucking her labia.
Sheila moaned and voiced the words, “Oh that feels so
good. Don’t stop!”

I knew the dam was about to break, because Chan had
obviously not attacked Sheila’s clitoris, yet. Seconds
after this thought, Sheila cried out and her eyes flew
wide open. Channie didn’t miss a beat and laved her
tongue across Sheila’s clit. Sheila propped herself on
her arms and stared incredulously down at the top of
Chan’s head.

“Who the hell are you?”

At this point I had to step in if I were to prevent any
disastrous introductions.

“Hi sweetie, it’s me. This is a new friend of mine who
was interested in my relationship with you, but I told
her that we both have reasons for keeping our affair
confidential, so I didn’t tell her your name. She thinks
that’s a good idea, so we’re going to skip all of the
introductions here, okay?”

Sheila, still looking puzzled, replied, “Okay. But I
thought YOU were going to give my pussy that wakeup

“I was, but my friend thought it would be clever if she
did it, instead.”

Channie had moved up to sit beside us on the bed. Sheila
looked at her and said, “Thank you, that felt great.”

Channie replied, “It was my pleasure. Tell me little
red, are you bisexual?”

Sheila blushed and stammered, “No, but I do get certain
dirty thoughts when I see a beautiful woman.” Her voice
trailed off as she looked away from Chan’s black gaze. I
thought to myself, “Who could blame her?”

Channie smiled and lifted Sheila’s chin until they were
looking at one another eye-to-eye. “Listen sweetie, I
don’t want to do anything you’re not comfortable with
because this is my first time with a woman, as well.”
She tossed her head in my direction and continued, “This
dirty dog’s description of you didn’t do you justice.
You are so beautiful that my loins are aching at this

Sheila’s bright smile lit up her face, and she
responded, “Really? Do you really think so?” Channie
nodded in reply and Sheila continued, “Wow, because you
must be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!”

Chan pulled Sheila into her embrace and the two women
kissed passionately for a couple of minutes. Channie
finally broke it off to catch her breath, and shot a
look over at me. “You ain’t kidding about this little
honey’s tongue.”

Sheila smiled and said, “You ain’t felt nothin’ yet.
Wait till I get my tongue inside your cunt, little

Chan’s eyes flew open wide at the name and started
laughing. She looked at me and declared, “This little
piece is quite a gem. Now get the fuck off the bed and
leave us in peace. If you want to watch us and beat that
fuckrod do it over there on the chair.”

Sheila was obviously into this game. She replied to me,
“Yeah, keep that cuntbuster to yourself.”

I took a lame parting shot and yelled, “Well you two
haven’t heard the last from me.” Then I settled into the
chair to watch the show.


Sheila immediately grabbed Channie and kissed her again.
Chan responded and pressed her dark body into Sheila’s
white skin. Chan’s tits were only slightly bigger than
Sheila’s, so they matched up well when pressed against
one another. Both women were getting stimulated by the
hardened nipples of the other’s tits digging into their
own soft titflesh.

Again, Chan broke off the kiss, took a breath, and
exclaimed, “Oh yeah, before I forget! I sucked off the
dirty dog’s dick earlier and he told me, afterward, that
he’d just finished fucking your ass. Is that true?”

“Yes, he did. It was wonderful.”

“Well since I tasted your ass by sucking his cock, I was
wondering if you wanted a taste of mine?”

Sheila’s eyes flew open wide, and she paused for a
moment before lying down on her back. With a dark glint
in her eye she said, “Sit that stinkhole down on my face
you black bitch. I’ll have a taste of that.”

It was the first time that I’d seen Chantell speechless.
I laughed aloud. I really gave her no warning on how
foul-mouthed Sheila could be. Channie wasn’t stunned for
long, though. She placed her knees on either side of
Sheila’s shoulders and lowered her dark ass down on
Sheila’s face. Channie immediately began playing with
Sheila’s round tits. By the look on Chan’s face I could
tell Sheila started out kissing her puckered asshole.
But with time, another surprised look came over her face
as I knew Sheila’s tongue was penetrating her anus.

Chantell leaned back and let out a low guttural moan.
Within seconds Channie’s cunt juice was flowing over
Sheila’s chin and down her neck. “Oh you lovely little
redheaded tramp. Your tongue feels divine. Don’t stop
you little cunt or I’ll spank that fat white ass of

Sheila did stop and pulled herself out from beneath
Chantell to face her. “What did you say? You’re gonna
spank my ass? And you think my ass is fat compared to
your big caboose? I’ve licked your dirty poopshoot long
enough, but I’m not done with you.” She pushed Channie
onto her back. “I tasted some of that sweet cunt cream
of yours and I ain’t stoppin’ till I get my fill.” With
that Sheila plunged her face between Chantell’s dark

By now, I was getting very turned on by all of the talk
and action. I don’t know how many erections I’d had
already, but it was hard once more. I pulled it out of
my pants and started stroking it to the rhythm of the
slurps upon Chan’s pussy. I could only catch glimpses of
Sheila’s tongue, but it was obviously working overtime.
Channie started moaning and she never stopped. Her
orgasms were quite different from Sheila’s. Where Sheila
tended to have a short, intense release, Channie seemed
to stay in an orgasmic state for minutes on end.

The two of them went on for 20 minutes before Chantell
broke it off, saying, “Hold on sweetie. I can’t take any
more of that tongue. You proved your point. I’m

Sheila surfaced from between Chan’s legs and started
cleaning the excess juice from her face. She paused
before asking, “Were you faking all of that moaning? I
couldn’t tell when you were actually achieving orgasm?”

Chantell pulled her down on top of her and kissed her
long and hard. When she broke it off, Chan replied, “I
don’t fake lil’ red. I just like to take my time,
stretch ’em out for long periods. I remained in orgasm
for almost an hour, once. But with your tongue, the
orgasm was too intense. I couldn’t maintain it any
longer without going over an edge.”

Sheila smiled and replied, “Now do I get that spanking
you promised?”

Chantell replied, “Do you really want a spanking?”

I leaned forward in my chair because this sounded

Gears were obviously shifting in Sheila’s mind when she
replied, “No please don’t spank me. I cry when I get
spanked. Especially hard slaps on my ass. I know I’ve
been a naughty, nasty-mouthed little whore and deserve a
spanking, but please have pity on me.”

Chan looked stunned, at first, but picked up on the game
pretty quickly. “Of course I’m gonna spank you, you
dirty little bitch! You said I had a big caboose. Did
you really think you were going to get away with that?”

If I didn’t know better, I’d say that there was genuine
fear in Sheila’s eyes. “No, no, I didn’t mean it. You
have the most beautiful ass in the whole world. I should
know, I just tasted it. Your asshole tastes so great.
Please don’t spank me for my comments. But whatever you
do, don’t ram one of those dildos in my dresser up my
cunt while spanking me. That would hurt even more. I
never want to feel such pain ever again.”

I laughed at this, but Chantell shot a hard look at me
as she retrieved, not one, but two dildos from Sheila’s
dresser. Sheila’s eyes shot wide open, and I’m not sure
whether all of the fear was feigned, as Chantell
replied, “I’m not only going to shove one dildo up your
cunt, but since you seem to enjoy things shoved up your
ass, I’m gonna shove this second one up your dirthole.
Then, we’re going to see how much you enjoy the spanking
I’m gonna deliver to your lily white ass cheeks.”

I interjected, “Careful Channie, she’s only been
buttfucked one-”

To which, she eloquently interrupted, “Shut up

Chantell grabbed Sheila by the hair, jerking her onto
all fours. Sheila moaned in delight. Channie started in
on her cunt with her tongue. “My, my look who’s wet

Sheila seemed to be trying to imitate Chan’s orgasms by
keeping a continuous moan going, but every time her clit
was touched she let out a little yelp. Chantell, worked
the first dildo into her cunt while kissing and licking
Sheila’s asshole. Once her asshole was good and wet,
Chan pulled the lubed dildo from the cunt and slowly
pushed it up her asshole. Sheila kept her moans going,
but I could see she was shaking slightly from the
experience. Once the first dildo was all of the way in,
Channie had no trouble pushing the second one into
Sheila’s sopping wet pussy.

With two dildos pushed up Sheila’s two holes, Chantell
started slapping Sheila’s beautiful, round derriere.
With each slap, Sheila cried out. Her pain seemed real,
but the look on her face was a mixture of lust and fear.
By the tenth slap her cries had turned to ecstasy, even
though tears continued to roll down her face.

“So you think that feels good little bitch?” Chantell
grabbed a fistful of hair and yanked her head back as
she slapped one of Sheila’s sweet cheeks as hard as she
could. Knowing that this type of rough treatment had
previously turned her on, I was unsurprised when she
cried out and turned her head to give Chan a look of
pure lust. Chantell rubbed her hands over the red spots
on Sheila’s ass cheeks caused by the spanking. She bent
down and covered the surface of her ass with gentle
licks and kisses while reaching around and rubbing her
sensitive clit. This action elicited a series of long
moans from Sheila.

Chantell, seeing her advantage in this situation gave
the lovely redhead several more light slaps on the butt
while pinching her clit. This was too much for Sheila
and her moans turned into a full blown scream for 2
seconds before she buried her face in a pillow. As
Sheila continued her muffled screaming, Chantell kept up
her light spanking which caused Sheila’s cunt to start
gushing pussy nectar out from the sides of the dildo.

Chantell quit her spanking and positioned herself
beneath Sheila’s snatch to catch the juice dripping off
of the dildo. Eventually Sheila’s screams turned to
shaking sobs, and Chan on cue removed the dildo from her
pussy to cause the remaining cunt juice to flow all over
her face. She pulled Sheila’s slit down on her face,
licking her clean, while simultaneously withdrawing the
other dildo from her asshole.

Sheila was still sobbing, so Channie moved up and pulled
her into her arms. Sheila went into her infant act, once
again, and nuzzled her face into Chan’s magnificent
boobs. Chan held Sheila’s shaking body tightly against
her own while making soothing purr sounds in her ear.
Within Chantell’s face I could read concern, relief, and
a certain sense of wonderment over what just happened.

I could hear Chantell whisper, “Don’t worry little
sweetie. Momma’s here.” In response, Sheila squirmed a
little in her embrace and began to suckle on one of
Chantell’s large nipples. Soon, her sobbing and shaking
stopped, and she seemed to be falling asleep again.

At one point during these scenes I almost jerked myself
to orgasm, but as the events transpired I’d forgotten
all about my hard-on and sat as a dumbfounded spectator
taking in an incredibly sexy act between two gorgeous
women. I moved to the bed to caress the skin of both of
these beauties, and this action sent Sheila into
slumberland. Channie slowly extracted herself from the
embrace, and followed me out to the living room.


I sat down on the couch, and Channie straddled my lap
and gave me a long, wet kiss. I caressed her back and
ass while she pushed her billowy chest against my own.
When she finally broke off from the kiss she looked at
me with one of her dazzling smiles. She said, “Thank
you, thank you, thank you for bringing me to the most
wonderful sexual experience of my life.”

I feigned a groan and replied, “Oh no! I’ve created a

She pinched me and said, “I’ll show you what kinda lesbo
I am.” With my hard-on pressed against her belly, she
slid her body up in one fluid motion and pushed her wet
love tunnel down upon my pecker. As her butt settled
onto my lap she buried her face into my shoulder and
gasped, “Oh my God your dick is big!”

I held her tight and still as I pulled her head back to
give her another long kiss. As we held still onto one
another, Channie’s pussy continuously pulsed upon my
throbbing boner. I laid gentle kisses along the contours
of her face and neck, as she held her eyes closed.
Through her soft moaning, she whispered, “God I love
your touch, Frank.”

“Thanks, yours isn’t bad, either.”

She slowly opened her eyes and asked, “Had you ever made
love to a black woman before tonight?”

“Once. She was one of these hookers-with-a-heart-of-
gold. Actually, I paid her for sex one time and she gave
it away on another occasion. I helped her out when she
quit whoring. She had some trouble with her former pimp
before she got out from under that lifestyle.”

“Do you consider me a whore for my relationship with

The question caught me off guard, and I hurriedly
stated, “No. Definitely not. I think people should do
what they feel is right at the time. Besides, I don’t
look down on the profession of prostitution, so even if
I thought of you in those terms I wouldn’t be thinking
any less of you.”

My stomach started growling, causing Channie to laugh,
saying, “Maybe we should finish this up and grab a bite
to eat, or even some sleep.”

I retorted, “Oh, I think I would have to get rid of two
distractions before I could sleep.” With that, Chantell
started a slow motion fuck that felt absolutely great. I
placed my hands on her tits as she ground her pussy down
onto my lap. I could feel her clit rubbing against the
base of my cock while her wet cunt lips slid all of the
way down to my balls. This action produced soft moans
from both of us, but eventually she started an up and
down action that was agonizingly slow. She would rise up
slowly until the head of my dick would slurp out between
her large, thick pussy lips. I would respond by pushing
the slit at the tip of my helmet against her budding
clit. She gasped at the end of each of these strokes.

Then, she would work her vaginal muscles to open the
entrance to her pussy, and slide back down my pole in
one long, slow burn. After one or two cycles, I sensed
she had started into another orgasm. Her pussy began
pulsing at a harder and quicker rate, while the insides
of her pussy felt wetter and wetter. Her face looked
totally lost with her eyes rolled back into her head and
her mouth continuously moaning. I started to hum to the
rhythm of this slow fuck while squeezing her beautiful
boobs. I lost track of time, and wasn’t aware until
afterwards that we had kept it up for almost a half

Channie’s orgasm continued to crescendo. After awhile I
could feel her pussy juice drip down across my balls.
This sensation got me even harder, and I was having
difficulty holding back my own orgasm. About this time,
Chan opened her eyes slightly and whispered, “Cum in me.
Let it go. Let me feel your hot spunk shoot toward my

The sound of her voice and the mention of her
reproductive organs set me off. My dick throbbed so hard
that it sent her into a deeper orgasm. Together, our
moaning changed to loud grunts, but Channie refused to
pick up the pace of her up & down motion. The slowness
of the stimulation caused me to hold back for almost a
minute, but when I finally came I literally exploded.

My violent orgasm shot wad after wad of cum deep into
her vagina. She shouted aloud as she collapsed her butt
onto my lap a final time while burying her mouth into my
shoulder. She bit down, and I yelled as my last jet of
jizm squirted out the end of my dick. She lie still
within my arms for over a minute as our sex organs
quivered to a stop. As she arose from my shoulder, she
gasped, “Oh my God! I drew blood.”

I ignored my shoulder and brought her face up to mine.
Several drops of blood stained her white teeth and
another drop was dripping down her lower lip. My cock
seemed to be stirring as I wiped a finger across her
mouth to show her my blood. Her eyes went wide as she
looked at me, and then she closed her lips about my
finger and swallowed all of the blood.

“Wow, a first! I’ve never been fucked by a lesbo
vampire, before.”

She pressed her mouth onto mine and I tasted the last
vestiges of blood in her mouth. Our kiss was interrupted
by applause coming from behind us. Chantell twisted
around, causing my dick to fall out of her cunt. Both of
us were staring at Sheila’s nude form standing in the

“How long have you been watching us,” Channie asked.

“Oh, about 5 or 10 minutes. I wished I could join you.”

“Well come here, sweetie,” Chan said while extending her
hand toward Sheila.

Sheila ran to the couch and squeezed her voluptuous form
between us. Channie kissed her for a short while, but
Sheila broke it off and turned toward my shoulder. She
laved my wound with her tongue, but her saliva stung a
little. Then she popped back up and said, “I’ll get a


After dressing the bite and giving one another kisses
all around, I found myself getting a bit dizzy between
these two naked beauties. Sheila’s nose crinkled and
said, “You smell like a dump! I think we should all
adjourn to the tub.” It was then that I heard the faucet
running in the bathroom. Sheila must have turned it on
when she retrieved the Band-Aid. I couldn’t deny that I
needed a washing.

The three of us, got up from the couch and walked toward
the bathroom. Chantell let out a low whistle when she
caught sight of the tub. Sheila beamed at the
compliment, stating, “It’s my biggest indulgence. I have
to have a large tub to stretch out in … with or
without a man.”

The tub was almost half full already and its large
circular shape could easily hold the three of us
together. After easing into the hot water, all three of
us tilted our heads back and enjoyed several minutes of
peace. Eventually, Sheila produced two bars of soap and
the two women proceeded to scrub me from head to toe.
Their hands felt great upon my body, and they allowed me
to help wash them, as well. We were all feeling very
clean when Sheila announced, “Now for one of my best

She plunged her head down beneath the water and
proceeded to gobble my dick, whole. Chantell stared
incredulously down at the sight. She asked me whether
she might gag or drown. I replied that she’d previously
informed me that she could hold her breath for two
minutes. Chantell looked at me and stated, “I have to
get a better view of this.”

She plunged her head down beneath the surface of the
water, as well. Within moments, I felt Channie’s mouth
open wide over the surface of my balls. I couldn’t
believe what I was feeling. Here I was receiving an
underwater blowjob from two women; one had my testicles
in her mouth while the other had deep throated the
entire length of my penis. They had proceeded to kiss
one another across my cock and balls. I had to draw on
every bit of composure to keep from coming.

I reasoned that any disruption caused by me might result
in great harm to me, personally. I didn’t want to give
either of these women any reason to gag, or cough, or
bite down. After about a minute of this, both women
broke off from my genitals and resurfaced. They both
gasped for air and breathed hard for a couple of
minutes. Watching their lovely breasts heave up and down
was a sight to behold. I thanked both of them profusely
for their wonderful act.

We spent another half hour fondling, caressing, kissing
and licking one another all over. Sheila and Chantell
alternated bouncing their tight cunts up and down on my
underwater hard on. When we had all had enough, we got
out and toweled off. I put on my briefs while they put
on a couple of short silk robes that Sheila produced
from her closet. Needless to say, the sheerness of these
garments did little to hide the charms of their bodies.

I sat back at the dining room table and watched the two
of them concoct a huge breakfast with many pauses for
long kisses with one another. There seemed to be a huge
amount of affection building between these two women,
who were heretofore strictly heterosexual. I knew I was
treading dangerous waters here, because the veil of
introductions could tumble down at any second.

After a delicious breakfast, we hurriedly threw the
dishes in the sink and ran toward the bedroom. I’d been
going for 30+ hours with no sleep, but the deprivation
seemed to be heightening my libido. I’d never done two
women at once, and I wasn’t going to blow this
opportunity by insisting on a nap.


As I climbed onto the bed I caught Channie winking at
Sheila. “I say we tie him up with our stockings. What do
you say, Red?”

Sheila laughed, and replied, “I say that’s a great idea,
Blackie. Once he’s firmly strapped to the bed, it’ll be
fun to use and abuse this boy toy.”

As they started cinching their hose about my wrists and
ankles, Chan continued, “Did you know this dog is a real
pervert when it comes to stockings and feet?”

“No, I didn’t know that. Do you think he’d willingly
kiss and lick mine?”

“Well, once we have him tied down, it doesn’t matter
what he’s willing to do. We can force him to do most

With my wrists already tied to the headboard, Channie
continued to lash my legs to the lower corners of the
bed while Sheila stood up over the top of me. She let
herself down with a thud upon my chest, causing all of
the air within my lungs to painfully expelled from my
throat. I tried my best to conceal the searing pain of
the wind being knocked out of me, but Sheila’s knowing
smile revealed that I wasn’t having full success at such
disguisery. Eventually, I got my wind back as Sheila
traced her small, sexy feet across my face. I kissed and
licked at them whenever they strayed over my mouth which
resulted in giggles from her. Sheila’s ticklish nature
forced me to reconsider her actual age.

By this time, Chantell was done with her task, and set
about on her next adventure. Although Sheila’s body
blocked my sight of Chan, I could tell she was spreading
out petroleum jelly upon my pecker. It was rock hard
when she positioned herself above the erection. Sheila
looked back as she watched Channie squeeze her tight
anus over the top of my dick. Sheila commented, “Go on
girl! This boy is a master buttfucker!”

Chantell’s rectum was almost as tight as Sheila’s, but
the jelly seemed to make it slide easier. Once her
asshole was fully settled over my dick, she let out a
sustained groan and muttered, “Oh, this hurts so good.”

Sheila remarked, “It sure does you tramp. I’m jealous.”
In response, Chan reached around Sheila’s torso and
started playing with her tits. Sheila kept gliding her
feet over my face, while using one hand to stimulate her
pink little clitoris. Chantell, meanwhile, started an up
and down pumping action on my dick. The tightness of the
fit was keeping my orgasm in.

All three of us were moaning and grunting for several
minutes. I was getting closer to the edge as Sheila
stopped moving her feet which allowed me to constantly
lick and kiss them. About this time, Sheila started
swinging her free hand back to slap at Chan’s curvaceous
buttcheek. Initially, it caused her to yelp and jump
upward on my pecker. But, then she settled back down
into her up and down movement and another continuous
orgasm. The convulsions of her cunt rippled through to
the walls of her anus causing waves of pleasure to pass
from my cock through my entire body.

Every time Sheila slapped her ass, Channie’s cunt
convulsed anew. I lasted for all of five minutes before
I exploded my fifth load of jizz of the night/morning
into Chan’s dark, lovely anus. There couldn’t have been
much more volume of cum left in my balls, but Channie
seemed to feel what was squirted into her ass and let
out a long, sustained howl.

Meanwhile Sheila had brought herself off and let out a
choked-off scream. I was sucking on her toes when she
screamed. Reactively, she shoved her thin small foot
deep into my mouth. I swallowed it almost up to the
heel. After her orgasm, she slowly withdrew it and gave
me a wink. The two women collapsed on either side of my
chest, and began to tease me.

“You really must be only half-a-man to let us tie you up
like this.”

“Yeah, you’re a weak little mongrel. We should take you
out into public with a collar and leash.”

“Oh, that’s a screamer of an idea, but I think I would
prefer to keep him tied up here and force him to do all
kinds of nasty things.”

“For starters, he promised a little analingus on me, and
the timing couldn’t be more perfect. His last little
squirt went up my stinkhole. What do you think, Red,
should we force him to eat out my ass?”

“Fer sure! He’s a great ass licker.”

Channie wasted no time mounting my face with her
asshole. Sheila licked up the remaining mess on my dick
and had me half-hard, again, within seconds. She managed
to slip it up into her snatch and after several minutes
of up & down, had me fully erect, again.

I was ready for the anal job on Channie. I started by
kissing her puckered asshole for several minutes, and
her sphincter loosened up immediately. A small mixture
of fluid flowed from her asshole that I hoped was mostly
sweat. Her pussy nectar flowed from her cunt, as well,
to form an elixir that was very heady. There was both a
sweetness and sourness to the mixture, and all I could
think of was that I was sipping the nectar of a goddess.

Channie and Sheila were facing one another upon my
torso. Sheila’s action on my dick was frantic for
awhile, but soon she slowed down and though I was blind,
I presumed that the two were kissing and caressing one
another. At this point, Channie had mostly dried up, so
I kissed her puckered asshole several more times and
dove in with my tongue.

Her anus had a bitter taste, as Sheila’s had, but the
flavor was distinctly different and indescribable. To
think that I was licking the inside of woman’s asshole
would have normally been a bit repulsive to me, but I
let my mind wander to all of the events of the last 12
hours and got swept away by these powerful sexual

My thoughts were distracted when I heard Sheila go into
a half-scream. Her juices were flooding down the length
of my pecker, and I could also feel Channie’s pussy
starting to release upon my chin. It was too much to
take, and I immediately launched into my own orgasm. My
balls were pretty well spent by this time, but that
didn’t prevent my cock from going into throbbing
overdrive literally dry heaving the last remnants of
jizm into Sheila’s cunt.

They’re orgasms lasted quite long, so I swirled my
tongue one final trip around Channie’s anus and then
moved down to her pussy to lap up the remains of her
orgasm. Eventually, they dismounted and smiled down upon
me like two Cheshire cats.

“Okay dirty dog, we’re gonna give you a choice. You can
stay tied up and be our love slave, or we’ll release you
if you let us spank you.”

The love slave part sounded interesting, but I had
strained my limbs against my restraints and I needed
some freedom of movement for my limbs. “Untie me you
uncouth pair from hell.” That set them off giggling as
they untied me, and I stopped to consider whether these
two might be real live witches.

As soon as they release me, I contracted my arms and
legs and rolled over to a fetal position with my butt in
the air. Channie and Sheila started whacking me with the
flat of their hands, but it really didn’t hurt at all.
It had the effect of numbing me, somewhat, which caused
my normal post-coital supercharge feeling to dissipate
quickly. By the time they’d finished I was completely
exhausted. I collapsed upon the bed, and felt the two
beauties tuck me in under a light comforter. In this
drowsy state they both gave me sweet kisses and left me
in silence. Dreamland hit me like a ton of bricks.


I awoke to the sound of a hammer being cocked upon a
gun. I’d heard this sound, unexpectedly on several
occasions during my work, and it never failed to get my
full attention. I was awake with my back against the
bed’s headboard within a half a second. At the end of
the bed I was faced with the barrels of two guns staring
me down. Chantell was holding my gun which she must have
found within my boot holster while Sheila was holding
another handgun that must have been hers. Chantell had
cocked my gun, and Sheila was in the process of flipping
off the safety of her own.

There was a large red weal on the side of Sheila’s face
that looked strangely erotic to me. Since I didn’t cause
it, I could only presume Chantell had had some sort of
violent swing at Sheila’s pale, white face. Once the
hammer on Sheila’s gun was cocked, Chantell growled,
“Well, well, well, the son of a bitch is wide awake.
Good! He has some explaining to do.”

As my mind cleared, I could only presume that
introductions were made between the two, while I slept.
Mentally, I put on my blades and quickly started to


As I stared up at these two armed beauties, my fear was
mixed with a certain erotic thrill. I was pretty sure
that neither woman was very experienced with firearms
which made the threat posed by their itchy trigger
fingers all the more real. Nevertheless, neither the
dark Chantell nor the pale Sheila had bothered to don
any clothes prior to this showdown, and the thought of
my life ending with this vision as my last was giving me
a brand new boner.

“First of all, I never approached Sheila in that bar.
Second, I had intended to tell you, Chantell, all about
my involvement with her prior to our own sexual
encounter. Our intimate engagement after the report made
it difficult to tell you afterwards.”

“Go on,” snarled Chantell.

“I never meant for either one of you to get hurt. The
sexual situations we were involved in were entirely

“Go on,” piped in Sheila.

“I’ve never gotten involved in a sexual situation with a
client, ever, in the past. I can prove it to you if we
go to my office.”

“Go on,” they both intoned together.

I was starting to panic. Usually, I could tell what
someone wanted to hear.

In my business you don’t get very far by not being able
to read people.

Desperate I tried another strategy, saying, “And I’m
very, very sorry.”

“And,” they chimed together.

“And, I’m a low-life scumbag for doing what I did.”

“And,” they said again.

“And, I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Just please
don’t kill me.”

A smile broke out on Chantell’s face, and as she glanced
at Sheila a smile broke out on her face, as well. I was
beginning to feel that I had successfully skated around
the debacle when Chantell informed me of just how far I
was going to have to pay. She said, “This is for
starters, but eventually you will see how bad repayment
really is.”

She flicked off a tape recorder over on the dresser, and
approached the bed with the gun still leveled at my
head. She told me to get on all fours, and as soon as I
did she presented the barrel of my own gun in front of
my mouth. “Suck on it, you disloyal scumbag.”

I didn’t open my mouth right away, and paid for it.
Sheila had snuck up behind me and whacked the side of my
head with the butt of her gun. My head was ringing from
the impact as I opened my mouth. Sheila inserted the end
of the gun into my open mouth, saying, “You’re gonna
keep sucking this gun until I can see evidence that
you’re enjoying it.”

She slid the barrel in and out of my mouth with her
finger on the trigger the whole time. I was thankful
that the gun barrel was no longer than 4 inches. As a
result, I never quite gagged on it when she pushed it in
as far as it would go on the end stroke. I was damn
afraid. I’d come across gangland shooting scenes before
and realized that a gun going off in a person’s mouth
can induce a long, painful death.

I was wondering just what it was that I had to do to
show Chantell that I was enjoying this when suddenly,
from the rear, I felt an object pushing into my asshole.
Knowing that if I yelled or tried to turn my head to see
what it was that I could trigger the gun in my mouth, I
merely closed my eyes and concentrated on absorbing the
pain. The object at my asshole was obviously a fairly
long object with medium thickness. I knew what it was
well before Chantell yelled encouragement to Sheila,
“Push it in hard babydoll. That was a good idea not to
lubricate it before pushing it in.”

Sheila’s gun had a 5 to 6 inch barrel and she’d inserted
most of it already in. The thought of a bullet ripping
through my colon and guts was not a pleasant thought,
but I realized that the more resistance that my rectum
offered that the more likely it was that her finger
might push too hard on the trigger. Therefore, I
concentrated on loosening my sphincter. Soon after, she
had shoved it all of the way in, and after a few more
push and pulls my butthole was loose enough for a
smooth, easy stroke.

“Are you scared scumbag” asked Chantell, knowing I
couldn’t answer.

“Yeah, are you enjoying this double penetration,

“Sheila, you’re such a flirt. I bet if we were doing
this to you, you’d have had a couple of orgasms by now.”
Sheila didn’t say anything in response, and I could
picture her pondering Chantell’s proposal.

“Okay loverboy, I still don’t think you’re enjoying
this.” With that, she shoved the front pistol down hard
within my throat. Part of the gun butt rammed hard into
my chin, but I kept my composure and kept sucking.

I thought to myself, “Think, you dumb son-of-a-bitch.
Sooner or later one of them is going to tire and if
their gun goes off it’s pain-city.” It then dawned on me
that I was limp as overcooked pasta. Obviously, these
girls wanted me to get turned on by all of this before
they stopped. Despite being orally and anally raped by
these firearms, I began feeling like I was being fucked.
I pulled my thoughts into the action of the gun barrels
and slowly started getting hard.

I could taste and smell the vestiges of gunpowder and
tried to think of it as an aphrodisiac. Meanwhile, the
gun at my butt was moving in and out so smoothly I was
actually beginning to enjoy it. After a couple of more
minutes I finally got confirmation that it was working
when Chantell commented, “Well, well, well, the dirty
dog has got a nasty boner. He must be enjoying this
after all.”

Relief started flowing through my body because I thought
the rape might end. Much to my dismay, though, Channie
commanded, “Okay Sheila-slut, get underneath there and
suck him off, but don’t you stop moving that gun in and

Sheila’s enthusiasm could be surmised by the speed of
her motions. She quickly slid under me and placed her
mouth on my member. I was temporarily fearful that her
cocksucking ministrations were going to cause a powerful
eruption in my ass. But soon her mouth and throat were
full of my meat and I was oblivious to all else. It took
less than five minutes to summon a load of jizm, and
when I blew my load into Sheila’s mouth it had to be my
most powerful orgasm of the last 24 hours.

Chan removed the gun from my mouth and moved to take
over the trigger at my asshole, saying “I didn’t know
the bastard could cum so fast.” Sheila took her time to
clean up every drop of cum, and then moved beside
Channie to give her a tongue load of my seed. I turned
to watch these two french for a short while with the gun
still inserted up my butt.

When they broke from the kiss, Channie said, “Now you’re
going to tell me the best gun-for-hire who has no
ethical problems shooting someone for a small sum of

My mind was reeling. What would she need a gunman for?
If she was going to kill me, wouldn’t she do it herself?
Or did she truly hate Bernard so much that she was going
to have him murdered? I asked aloud, “What would you
need a gunman for?”

Sheila grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. “Answer
her question!”

“Okay, okay. Mike Fanelli.”

Sheila had picked up my gun and slammed the butt into
the backside of my head, shouting, “Is he the best you
can come up with?”

I was seeing stars, but responded, “Yes, yes, he’s very
good. He used to contract part-time with the mob. Now
he’s an independent contractor.”

Channie chuckled in response to Sheila’s violent
actions. She asked, “How good is he at surveillance?”

“Very good. I’ve worked with him in the past and he’s
very professional.”

Finally, she pulled the gun from my asshole. Sheila
pulled me down to my side, squirmed into my embrace, and
started kissing me. I was so relieved that I started
kissing her back. Chan let it go on for a couple of
minutes before she commanded, “Come on tramp. Let’s get
up. We have work to do.”


“You’re probably wondering what the fuck is going on, so
let me clue you in. Sheila, here, doesn’t know very many
details but enough to know that Bernard is out of her
life. I’ve made the little she-bitch an offer she
couldn’t refuse. Oh yes, she’ll remain a kept woman, but
her life is about giving me pleasure and keeping me

“Who liked that little-dicked prude, anyway,” Sheila
rhetorically asked, obviously referring to Bernard.

“Shut up Sheila,” Channie acidly replied. She continued,
“Originally I was going to retire with my investments to
a villa in Mexico upon my divorce, but I’ve always
thought it would be nice to have a second house in the
Caymans and now I think I know of a way to achieve it.”

Channie licked her lips and said, “That’s where you and
your friend Mike Fanelli come in …”


Today, thinking about those twelve sex-charged hours
always seems to bring a smile to my face, and I haven’t
had a lot to smile about over the last two years in the
state penitentiary. Two years ago, Chantell had hired
Mike Fanelli to follow me at a distance with a high
powered rifle at my back, as I implemented her plan. One
false move by me and I knew Mike’s aim would cause a
quick death.

It seemed Bernie boy had a weakness for gambling, and
after a few weeks at the horse track, I worked my way
into his confidence. Using a couple of jockey friends of
mine, I arranged to rig a race. I approached Bernard
about investing in the scheme and he got so excited he
almost came in his pants. Not surprisingly, someone had
tipped off the cops of our scheme before the final

The police had got to the jockeys first and offered them
clemency for their involvement in the sting. I was not
so fortunate. The best my lawyer could do was plea
bargain for a 5 year prison term with eligibility for
parole after 2.

Meanwhile, after two years of appeals and high priced
shenanigans by his attorneys, Bernie boy had yet to
spend a night in jail. Unfortunately for him though, his
criminal behavior cost the McLemore Clan a good sum of
money to one Chantell McLemore in their divorce
proceedings. Bern’s criminal actions violated a term of
the pre-nuptial agreement and Channie was able to exact
a $30 million settlement. I figured that could easily
buy her a dream house in the Caymans.

Every time I sit down to eat the prison food, I picture
Chantell and Sheila sitting somewhere sipping margaritas
while laughing at my predicament.


The state gave me $200, today, as I stepped out of
prison. They warned me many times of the requirement to
see my parole officer tomorrow. I made a beeline to a
bar and quickly said hello to the bottom of four shot
glasses of whiskey. After a three or four beers, a guy
came into the bar and sat down next to me. It took me
awhile to focus on the guy’s face, but it turned out to
be Mike Fanelli.

With as much sarcasm that I could muster, I said, “Mikey
pal. Thanks for not shooting me two years ago.”

“It was just a job Frank, just like I’m just doing my
job now.”

“What!? Did the bitch hire you to kill me once I got
out?” My drunken feeling had kicked in strong, but I
don’t think I would have felt any fear even if I was
sober. Death was no longer a big deal with me.

“Come on, Frank. I’ll take you someplace better than
this dive.”

I obediently followed Mike and he took me to a private
airstrip. I took one look at the private jet and
realized that I’d be breaking my parole if I left the
state. I turned to try to run away, but I was too drunk
and Mike was too quick. He stuck me with a long
hypodermic and I lasted about 10 seconds before falling
into a stupor.

I woke up with a banger headache on a plush private jet.
The jet was small but it included several seats, a
dining table, the bed that I was on, and a fully stocked
bar. I looked out the window and found that it was

Screwed again! There was no way I was going to make my
parole meeting. I’d spend a minimum of another 6 months
with the guys in stripes for this fuck up. I moved
forward and found the door to the cockpit locked. A
small window revealed a pilot with long red hair. I
couldn’t see her face, but knew it had to be Sheila. I
pounded on the door and shouted her name to no effect.
Finally, I yelled, “I need an aspirin.”

I went back and found an aspirin that was already
prepared for me upon the table. I took it, and waited
out the long flight. Four hours later we landed in what
I calculated to be a small town on the West coast of
Mexico. I tensed up and readied for a spring. I was
going to have some answers, by God. When the plane came
to a stop, a gas erupted into the compartment from the
air vents. I quickly covered my face, but it was too
late and I lost consciousness.


I dreamed some very pleasant dreams, but eventually I
drifted into a semi-conscious state. I could feel a
mouth licking and kissing my balls. Occasionally, teeth
would gently pull at the skin of my scrotum. This mouth
would then open wide and totally envelop my ‘nads and
then stroke the entire ball sack with a wonderful
tongue. My cock was enveloped as well, but obviously by
a different mouth. Every couple of minutes the mouth
would kiss the head of my dick, and then slide over the
full length of my hard-on. The lips felt grand on the
way down to my pubic hair. Then, with my penis firmly
embedded in this throat, an incredible tongue snaked out
between the lips and licked the top of my balls, often
meeting with the other mouth that was giving so much
attention to my testicles.

With my eyes still closed in half sleep, I recognized
that wonderful cocksucking technique. Sheila! I opened
my eyes and let out a surprised grunt to see a full head
of beautiful black hair. The woman lifted her face from
my cock and turned to look me in the eye. I barely
whispered, “Channie!”

She smiled as she moved up my chest. “I’m glad you’re
still willing to use my nickname affectionately.” Her
nipples were hard and dug into the flesh of my own

I was dumbfounded. I glanced down and noticed that
Sheila was working her clit pretty hard while continuing
to lick my balls. As I looked around I could tell that I
was in the big bedroom of a very large Spanish-style

“You probably think you’ve died and gone to heaven.”

I numbly nodded my head.

“I hate to burst your bubble, but you’re not in heaven.
You know, as well as I do, the consequences of breaking
parole by leaving the country. You’re as much my slave
now as you were when you had two guns deep within your

Her full plans finally dawned upon me, but rather than
intimidate me they infuriated me. I got up to a seated
position and swung the back of my hand across Chantell’s
face. The force practically knocked her from the bed.
Sheila stopped her licking and stared in amazement. Chan
sat up with a fire in her eyes, and a drop of blood
dripping down her lower lip.

“What makes you think that I can’t break your neck
before this red tart can get a gun aimed upon me?”

“The double blowjob,” Chan responded.


“The double blowjob. It wasn’t the first, and I’m here
to tell you that it won’t be the last as long as you
don’t break my neck.”

I’d had enough and grabbed a handful of Chan’s long
curly black hair. Jerking her onto her knees I snarled,
“I’m raping you, you dark little bitch!”

With no advanced lubrication I pushed right into her
pussy. She yelled out in pain. But I yanked her hair
again and slapped her round asscheeks in response. She
started whimpering, but soon started producing her own
lubrication in response to my long, hard strokes. After
two years, her cunt was as tight as ever. I’d imagined
that she’d had had her fill of big-dicked studs during
my prison term, but now I wondered whether she’d had sex
with anyone other than her nympho redheaded friend.

Sheila wasted no time, and added to the effect by
positioning herself beneath Chan and alternately licking
her clit and my balls. Channie’s tight pussy eventually
went into contractions. The effect on me was
overwhelming. I held onto my orgasm for as long as I
could, while continuing to yank at her hair and slap her
ass. But eventually Channie started screaming and going
into bodily convulsions and I lost it. By the time I’d
emptied all of my seed into her vagina I fell back onto
the bed lightheaded.

I kept trying to remember, but it would seem that
Chantell not only learned Sheila’s excellent suck
technique, but also her propensity for violent orgasms.
As I was lost in thought, Channie crawled up my chest,
pausing to re-insert my semi-rigid pecker back into her
pussy, and brought her pretty face up next to mine. I
absently placed my hands on her soft boobs and gently
started a squeezing rhythm.

“Anything you want to ask me sweetie?”

“Yeah, I thought you said this wasn’t heaven?”

“I did, and I meant it. It may be paradise, but it won’t
be heaven for you. As I said, you’re my slave. That’s
not to say that you won’t be raping, and fucking, and
fulfilling lots of other fantasies with me and my
chauffeur; but you’ll have some very specific duties as
our bodyguard. If you thought being a private eye was
tough, you’re gonna find it even tougher protecting us
during our gangbangs, dance shows, and daring public
displays that we so enjoy.”

She paused to let this sink in. “And, if you ever get
out of line, one quick call to the Mexican or Cayman
authorities and they’ll have your ass deported back to
the States in no time. I’m already on good terms with
some cute cops in both places, if you know what I mean.”

I caught her by surprise when I replied, “Chauffeur?”

Chantell’s eyes grew wide and then she laughed as she
got off of me. She mounted Sheila at the end of the bed,
and affectionately pushed her hair from her face. “Did
my little Sheila give you a nice flight here?”

“Sure,” I replied.

Sheila had begun to squeeze Chan’s ass and lick her
beautiful tits, as Channie closed her eyes. “Well, she
better have. I paid a pretty penny to give her flying
lessons and now she drives and flies me anywhere I want
to go. Sheila loves to serve me, don’t you my little

Through a mouthful of tit, Sheila replied, “Mmmmm Hmmmm,
yes boss.”

These two beautiful bodies, lying against one another,
were now facing me in such a way that I could see their
four holes lined up in a line: asshole, cunt, cunt,
asshole. It was a beautiful and erotic sight. I paused
to consider my situation, scratching my balls in the

Finally, I said, “How’s the saying go? ‘If you can’t
lick ’em, fuck ’em!'”

They paused in their embrace of one another to look back
at me, and said together, “Lick us and fuck us!”

With that invitation, I plunged my face into paradise.


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