A Charmed Life

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by Kellie (kelliezgirl@yahoo.com)


My habit of flirting and teasing my way though school
comes back to haunt me. (M+/F-teen, nc, rp, bd, ws)


I learned a lot my Freshman Year. That was the year I
developed breasts. They just kept getting bigger and
bigger eventually I wound up a 32D. I hated them at
first, they made me feel awkward, and the other girls
would tease me about them. Then I discovered the power
that it gave me. Men loved them. Something about the
sight of these big breasts on my 5ft 4in 100 lbs frame
drove them wild. I learned quickly to exploit it.

When I had a conference with one of my male teachers, I
would go off to the bathroom first and remove my bra
sometimes going as far as getting a Coke from the
machine and rubbing the cold can against my nipples so
they would be nice and hard when I went in to the
office. I would leave the top of my blouse open a
little and act like a sweet innocent girl and
everything would be OK.

I would tease the boys in my classes as well but it was
never as much fun as teasing the teachers, accidentally
brushing against them in the halls, sitting in the
front row of the class, and dropping my pencil, bending
forward to pick it up…

It was a charmed life, until my Senior Year. A few days
after my 18th Birthday, I was walking out of the locker
room. I had stayed late to swim in the school pool, it
was too much trouble to run and you don�t keep my
figure without working out, and it was quiet at the

I stepped out of the locker room and there they were.
Eight of my teachers. Mr. Jones, Mr. Walters, Mr.
Thomas, Mr. Clark, Mr. France, Mr. Russell, Mr. Taylor
and Mr. Jenks.

I smile and said Hi like always but they just glared at

Mr. Jones walked up and grabbed my hand. We have had
enough of your teasing missy; it is time you got yours.
I looked at them and I could see it in their eyes,
before I could say a word, they grabbed hold of me, and
someone was stuffing a sock in my mouth.

They picked me up, and carried me off. I tried to break
free but they just laughed as I struggled.

They carried me into the men�s locker room. I had
always been curious about it but I never thought I
would see it like this. I calmed myself down, this is
all a big joke I kept telling myself, they would let me
go any minute.

They carried me into the trainer�s room and laid me
back on a small table. It was just big enough for me,
my head hung off one end, and it barely went to my
bottom. They pulled my hands down and I felt them cuff
them to the sides of the table.

I watched as Mr. Jones walked up with a pair of
scissors. He slipped them under my shorts and started
cutting them, working right up my side and starting on
my shirt. Then he moved to the other side and did the
same thing. In a matter of moments, I was naked on the

I watched, the fear returning as they began to undress.
Mr. Jones was standing between my legs, naked.

We are sick and tired of all the teasing it is time for
you to pay the piper. He moved closer to me, his hand
reaching down, slipping a finger into my sex, working
it in and out I could feel my body betraying me as the
moisture flowed, then without a warning he was driving
his cock into me. He pound into me and soon I was
moaning in pleasure.

One of them pulled the sock out of my mouth and I felt
Mr. Walters place his hands on my breasts, toying with
them squeezing them as I slid back and forth from the
fucking then Mr. Jones pulled out, he was stroking his
cock and he shot his load all over my stomach.

Before I could catch my breath Mr. Jenks was in
position fucking my little cunny. His cock felt huge
inside me and I thought I would burst as he pounded
into me. Soon he too was pulling out and shooting all
over my stomach.

Next Mr. Walters was between my legs, I cringed as the
wrinkly old man ran his hand over my thighs playing
with my pussy before sliding his cock into me.
Thankfully, he didn�t last long before he pulled out
and moved alongside me coating my breasts with his

Mr. Thomas took his turn next he lifted my legs,
placing them up on his shoulders as he drove into me,
giving me the hardest fucking yet, pounding violently
into me. Calling me a slut and a whore the entire time,
before he came he too pulled out and moved along side
cumming on my breasts.

Mr. Clark took up where he left off, my pussy was
aching from the abuse now, I had had two or three
orgasms, but now the pain was clouding my minds as he
fucked me fast and hard before shooting his load on my

I was given no respite though as Mr. France took up his
position before he had even shot his load. Mr. Clark
was standing over me stroking as Mr. France slammed
into me.

Mr. Clark was also mercifully short. He came on my face
and neck though laughing as he did.

I laid there for a minute as they looked at my cum
covered body, snickering at me telling me what I whore
I was. Is your pussy aching you little slut Mr. Russell

Yes, it is I told him please stop it hurts so much.

I watched as he and Mr. Taylor moved to the sides of
the table, I felt the handcuffs open and I thought I
was saved instead they rolled me over. I craned to see
as Mr. Russell moved behind me. I felt the cream hit
the cheeks of my bottom, his hands spreading my cheeks,
a finger slipping into my virgin anus.

I felt the press of his cock against it before he
entered with a violent thrust I cried out from the
pain, closing my eyes as he slammed into me, slapping
my ass as he did, I don�t know how long that went on,
but it seemed like forever�then I felt him slipping out
of me his hot cum landing on my back.

Mr. Taylor moved in behind me and slipped into my ass.
It wasn�t as bad this time I was worn and stretched
already but instead of cumming on my back he pulled out
and moved in front of me rubbing his cock all over y
face before cumming on me.

I just laid there, too exhausted to move, eyes closed,
wondering what was next when I felt the cuffs open, A
pair of strong hands took each arm and leg. They lifted
me off the table carrying me into the shower room,
setting me down on the floor on my back. I watched as
they formed a circle around me, naked, hard cocks in
their hands

Suddenly they were all peeing on me, I closed my eyes
as it rained down on me, open your mouth I heard one of
them say, I shook my head no and I felt a foot on my
breast, pressing down, crushing me, I cried out from
the pain and I felt the stream of urine hit my face and
mouth, they were all laughing at me as they finished
peeing on me and I watched as they all walked away…


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